Thursday, March 24, 2011

Attempted murder and arson on 9 Indian houses within 5 days. Zero prosecution by racist UMNO A.G. Gani Patail unlike done on 53 Hindraf activists.

(See Malaysia Nanban headlines 23/3/2011 & Makkal Osai 23/3/2011 at 1st page)
There is the developer of this land who this Indian villagers allege is the prime suspect. The police did not conduct swift investigations and the attorney general has refused to prosecute as swiftly as he did for the 53 Hindraf activist for merely being members of a supposedly minority and human rights NGO ie Hindraf, the world’s only human rights NGO to have been outlawed.
The racist UMNO has been using Attorney General Gani Patail and his predecessors  to keep the Indian poor subservient to UMNO’s racist and religiousIMG_5629 supremacist  policies inflicted on the Indian poor on a day to day basis.
While the racist UMNO is the real culprit by commission, these atrocities becomes the order of the day because of the omission by the supposed multi-racial PKR, DAP and PAS and their Indian mandore MPs’ and leaders and including the Indian elite.
One may ask ‘why are we fighting every one’,  and our answer is it is because of this “everyone” that the Indian poor are in pain, suffering and mysery has got to this level.
As we are not politicians per se we are forced to fight everybody!
What is plain and obvious here is the PKR Menteri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim has refused to even provide basic infrastructure namely road, electricity and water supply in order for the said 47 poor Indian villagers to relocate to. Where is the change vis a vis the UMNO regime? And we have not forgotten that the Indian poor had in the March 2008 general elections we had unconditionally voted for PKR, DAP and PAS which formed the Selangor State government.
And in return this is how the Malay muslim Yayasan Kebajikan Selangor alone had been alienated 1,000 hectres of land in the very same Hulu Selangor area within three months of pledging during the Hulu Selangor by-elections, but none to displaced Indians, temples, schools and cemeteries.
Karunai  Nithi @ Compassionate Justice
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