Thursday, February 17, 2011


If racism can never be eliminated from schools, then it’s our responsibility to convey UMNO’s 54 years of racism, its racist policies and designs to schools.

We need to target school children. They need to comprehend the meaning of racism and learn to understand these gross Human rights violations at a tender age. We are a minority community in this country. We need to be alert and we need to protect ourselves and furnish our generation of children with a sense of morality concerning these things, otherwise they will succumb to UMNO’s subtle planting of the racism seed in schools.

By introducing such racist materials in schools, UMNO intends to plant the Malay supremacy agenda in schools. The Malay students would be nurtured to be the “tuans” (Masters) and we the “hambas” (slaves) of Malaysia.

Let us alert our children on the provisions of the constitution of Malaysia, which guarantees Equality for all. Lets educate our children on the original spirits and intentions of Article 153. The original NEP was meant to eradicate poverty irrespective of race. But today the father of racism in Malaysia Mahathir openly declares NEP was meant to enrich the Malay elite and Malay poor thus confirming that the NEP is really a blueprint for racism. We have to expose our children to the original understanding our forefathers had in agreeing to Article 153 of the Federal Constitution.

Our forefathers were made to belief that if they gave in to the provisions in Article 153, they would be entitled to equality. They would be treated as loyal and equal citizens. However today when we question our basic rights and the unfairness and legality and true meaning of Article 153, we are branded extremists.

There was indeed a great personality and Human rights defender we Malaysians have forgotten – the late Lau Pak Khuan of Perak who I believe founded the Chinese assembly hall. He was a true Democratic leader who warned the British in no uncertain terms on the dangers of Article 153 with no safeguards measures for the non-Malays. Let our younger children learn the values and principles this great personality fought for.

Let us educate our children on the Universal principles and values of Human Rights. Let us educate our children on all the provisions of Human Rights Covenants and simplify these to cater for younger children. Universal Human Rights values abhor racism and discrimination and expansion of racist policies.

Let us teach and provide evidence to our children that the Indians were backbones of economic development and growth of modern Malaysia. Our forefathers lost lives and shed blood in building and maintaining this country’s infrastructure at a very formative stage of the nation - roads, railway, buildings, power installations, bridges, plantations providing for the wealth of the country.

The Auditor-General’s Report in 1956 clearly shows that the income from rubber contributed 2/3 of Malaya’s income and tin 1/3. It was we the Non- Malays who were responsible for the building of this nation.

The British in their self-interest, used the wealth created by the Indians and Chinese to educate an elite group mostly royals and the upper class Malays to take over the country.

Let these facts flow to our students. Let them learn the truth about Malaysia’s history. Let them learn how UMNO extended the divide and rule policy of the British and continued ruling this country as Masters (Tuans) and enslaved us. Let them learn how the country’s economic pie is denied to us in toto now. Let them know how the democratic system and Constitution is manipulated to institutionalise racism.

Let us bring change to the country together. Let us set the platform for the future generation to bring about the CHANGE in event we fail in this lifetime.

I have 15 committed volunteers who are willing to work round the cloak to prepare the syllabus of this text. Any of you who wish to contribute your part are most welcomed. With my previous NGO experience working for the advancement of students, I belief the students population could be easily reached and I am willing to train committed volunteers.

Let us all work to ending racism. Let us all end UMNO’s 54 years of lie, deceit, corruption, plunder and institutionalised racism. Let us bring this message to our students in schools.
Let me quote Wael Ghonim, the 30 year old Egyptian Google executive and Democracy Activist who was instrumental in moving the people of Egypt during the recent uprising of the people in Egypt just a few days ago :
“The only barrier to people rising up is the psychological barrier of fear. All these regimes rely on fear. They want everyone to be scared. If you manage to break the psychological barrier you are going to definitely going to win.”
The Neo –Democratisation Revolution

P.Waytha Moorthy