Saturday, February 12, 2011

Innocent Mugelan (14) released on bail from racist UMNO jail after serving over 3 months jail without being found guilty in a Court of law.

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This morning we received a call on Mugelan’s grandfather’s death. Hindraf key supporter Sivalingam of Setapak and Rishishankar was assigned to urgently bail out Mugelan. P. Uthayakumar wrote an urgent letter to the High Court Judge and Magistret . He than spoke to Senior Assistant Registrar to immediately release Mugelan. Upon being released at about 4.45 p.m today (11/02/2011) and upon seeing Siva he burst out in tears and said I did not commit the offence and why he had to suffer in jail for over 3 months.

Upon arriving at the HRP HQ at Bangsar Mugelan told us that warden Zakri used a cable and hit him on the buttocks and thighs continuously for about 24 hours. His was also bullied by the other big sized Malay boys. He was forced to mop the floor, wash the dishes , clean the lockup area etc.

At our office Mugelan appeared stressed out and was on the verge of tears when relating his nightmare to us which we have recorded and would be posting in our website tomorrow or so.

Siva and Rishi then send Mugelan to his aunty’s house to attend his grandfather’s funeral.

From the word go the investigating Sargent to the jail warden the Court police and the Court officers told Mugelan to pled guilty “and go to jail” .

In all of this Mugelan never got protection or justice from the Malay Muslim dominated UMNO Magistrets and High Court at Kuala Lumpur.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Every day scores of such young Indian juveniles ,and hundreds of Indians are falsely and maliciously just because they are the poor and defenceless Indians they are forced to pled guilty especially when they cannot afford the bail money and lawyers fees. So they end up in jail for many many years even though they may not be guilty.

(See photos below).

S. Thiagarajan.

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