Friday, January 14, 2011

Obsolete Interlok Book should be replaced with 25th Nov 2007 Hindraf Rally Book to reflect current realities on causes and effect of UMNO racism and religious extremism on Indian poor.

url interlokArticle 10 provides for freedom of expression and the author of Interlok is entitled to his literary works.

But making the UMNO racist and religious supremacist Interlok Book as a compulsory book in order to pass SPM is another matter altogether;  it is mischievous, degressive and an attempt to continue suppressing, oppressing and depressing the Indian poor in One Malay-sia.

What is the motive of the Education Ministry in compelling our students to study about the degressive thoughts of the author?

We hereby propose that Interlok is forthwith replaced by the 400 page “25th November 2007 Hindraf Rally” by P. Uthayakumar which outlines the current very serious problems faced by the Malaysian Indian poor by being excluded and segregated from the National mainstream development of Malay-sia under the UMNO regime’s racist and religious supremacist policies.

Unlike Interlok, 25th November 2007 is progressive in having identified UMNO racism and religious supremacy policies of excluding and segregating the Indian poor from the national mainstream development of Malay-sia, equal rights and in particular equal job, educational, scholarship, licences and business opportunities as the way forward and progressive.

Talking about the Interlok the Indian poor may actually have been better off 150 to 200 years ago when they were brought into Malaya.

At least they had an attap hut in their villages in India to sell or mortagage to raise money top come to Malaysia (see page 210). And upon arriving in Malaya they were free to sell kacang putih, ice water, mee (goring) rice (food) or the kandar tea. Many could save enough to even set up a food shop in India when they finally returned home. But in One Malay-sia today an Indian poor unlike a Malay muslim poor is excluded and segregated from setting up a kacang putih, ice water, mee goreng food or a tea stall.
Even when they have attempted, their stalls are demolished within months if not within weeks.

Because of the UMNO racist and religious supremacist policies, the Indian poor cannot even afford to pay RM 124 being their monthly rentals and end up 20 including a one month old baby living in one small government low cost flats, if not made homeless and having to sleep on the streets.

And their can they go back to India as an estimated 450,000 Malay-sian Indian poor have been rendered stateless when they have even been denied their innate Birth Certificates and Identity Cards. This level of racist and religious extremist atrocities does not happen in any other part of the world. (see Malaysian Indian Minority & Human Rights Violations Annual Report 2010).

In conclusion replace this Interlok book with 25th November 2007 Hindraf Rally Book as the compulsory book for all Form 5 students as the very least attempt to undo the injustices the these Indian poor.
(see NST 13/1/11 at page 6)

“Rights not Mercy”
Information Chief
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