Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Police Murder Mahalingam (35) in Nibong Tebal lockup. But Indian detainees charged for murder & sent to Simpang Renggam/EO to cover up police murder. (See Makkal Osai 7/12/10 page 7)

1161193_370 WHO’S WHO:

1) Mahalingam (Murdered)

Age: 35

From Pokok Asam Taiping

Case: Caught for “Samun”.

2) Veeran a/l Veeraiyah (Suspect of murdering Mahalingam)

Age: 28

From Simpang Empat

Case: Caught for fighting with working college.

3) Sivagami a/p Veeraiyah

Age: 31

From Simpang Ampat

Sister of Veeran a/l Veeraiyah


Balai Polis Nibong Tebal



22/11/2010 1300 Veeran a/l Veeraiyah was taken to Nibong Tebal police station by his sister

Sivagami a/p Veeraiyah upon request by one Insp. Helmi from Nibong Tebal police station regarding investigation on a police report lodged by a lady. The report was related to a fight at his working place. Insp. Helmi is the Investigation Officer for this case. At the police station Veeran a/l Veeraiyah was arrested by Insp. Helmi

23/11/2010 1000 Veeran a/l Veeraiyah along with few others was brought to Court for

remand. Among them was Mahalingam. Mahalingam was caught

together with another person. His identity not known.

27/11/2010 1000 Sivagami went to Nibong Tebal police station to enquire about her brother’s

case from Insp. Helmi. There she saw the victim Mahalingam being taken by ambulance from the Nibong Tebal police station to Sungai Bakap hospital.

27/11/2010 2330 Insp. Helmi called Sivagami a/p Veeraiyah to come to Nibong Tebal

Police station on 28/11/2010 morning to bail out Veera a/l Veeraiyah

28/11/2010 0830 Sivagami went to Nibong Tebal police station to meet up with Insp. Helmi

on her brother’s release. There she was informed by Insp. Helmi that Veeran

a/l Veeraiyah will be detained further for a murder case of a cell

mate that is Mahalingam.

Mahalingam body was cremated on 4/12/2010 @ 3.00 pm at Taiping. The information was revealed by his friends from Butterworth.

Sivagami a/p Veeraiyah remember that her brother Veeran a/l Veeraiyah telling her about the police beating up Mahalingam in the lock-up and bashing his head against the well. There were blood stain on the lock-up wall and later the police clean up the stain.

ASP Govind is in charge of the murder case. He informed Sivagami a/p Veeraiyah that he has the CCTV recording of the incident and will be sending to Penang IPK for further action. It was also informed that the police is preparing a 60 day remand on Veeran a/l Veeraiyah.

Sivagami a/p Veeraiyah will be lodging a police report tomorrow on the incident and the police cover up on the incident and victimizing her brother as a scape goat for the murder which he did not commit.

This is the report at the moment and will update further upon any development.

Rights not Mercy


HRP Penang State

Information Chief