Friday, May 14, 2010

Indian poverty leading to family tension further leads to high single parent rates

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(See The Star 10/5/10 at page N 38).
The single parent rate among the Indians is 500% higher than in the Chinese community.
Instead of asking UMNO to create equal business, job and educational opportunities, MIC under UMNO’s directions diverts this issue by telling the Indians especially through the Tamil newspapers, Tamil Radio and TV 2 Tamil news, that Indians religious bodies must do something about the high single parent social problem. Not the UMNO government.
Would the Umno government tell the Malays to resolve their own drug problem?
“Dulu susah sekarang lagi susah”. Indian single parent and kids move from poverty to hardcore poverty
Poor but bright Indian girl’s ambition to be doctor, but unable to buy school workbook in prosperous Malaysia with world’s tallest Twin Towers.
S. Jayathas

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