Sunday, May 2, 2010

Racist mainstream and alternative Malaysian print and electronic media refuse to cover Indian victims shot dead by police and critical Indian problems deemed because not newsworthy.

All the newspapers hereinbelow rightly carried in their headlines today on
the 15 year old school boy Aminul rasyid shot dead and killed by police as

1. Back to cops (NST 1/5/10)
2. Ready for inquest (star 1/5/10)
3. Musa,tinjau lokasi tembakan (UM 1/5/10)
4. Kertas siasatan ditolak (BH 1/5/10)
5. Inkues (SH 1/5/10)

Our condolences to Aminnul rasyid’s family We mean no disrespect to the
grieving family.

These print and electronic media including the alternative media, Malaysia today and bloggers should stop being racist and
should also cover Indian victims shot dead killed in police lock ups the
other atrocities on the Indian victims and the critical indian problems as
the Indians too are Malaysians.

Malaysia is about the only country in the world where racism involving
even the media takes place to this extent.We can only say that UMNOs’
racism has spilled over to these mainstream and also the alternative
media including “our” or news worthiness on an
injustice has evolved to become race based but which rightly should have
been based on the gravity and severity of the injustices or the

Just three weeks ago two Indian brothers were shot dead by the Police
Special Action Force shoot to kill squad in Taiping Perak and there
are at least three eye witnesses to this police murder but the pin
drop silence both the mainstream and also the alternative media.The reporter was present at the protest funeral a la Gaza
but their editors refused to carry the news as the victims were
“merely” the indians.

In November 2009,five months ago five Indian youths were similarly
shot dead by the police in Klang S elangor.In one family home alone
there were three coffins lying side by side.Imagine the parents and
families grief .But the mainstream and alternative media did not care
to report these injustices let alone giving the same headlines

The fourth victim’s sister could not bear the pain of the grief and
commited suicide by consuming paraquat. Luckily her four young children
who were also given paraquat survived but are most likely to suffer
kidney failure and other medical complication etc in the near future.But
in both these and hundreds of such serious human rights violations
concerning the Indian they do not catch even the by lines let alone the

But again the mainstream media and the so called alternative media
including refuse to cover based on the gravity and
seriousness basis as the victims are “merely”the Indians.
The western media on the contrary in fact bends backwards to
aggressively cover their minorities as the majority would will somehow
be taken care of.

Ever noticed the large number of Indian reporters from both side of the
local media divide but who also choose”conveniently” to side step
atrocities against Indian victims as they too have to play to the
Chinese,malay and native “gallery”!

But when we point out all this racism,we in turn get labelled as
racist,extremist and ethno centric.While the mainstream media preaches
One Malay-sia ,the alternative media claims to be multi racial!
This mainstream and alternative media omission has caused this
disproportionate 95% of the police shot dead and being killed in
police custody(local) victims to be Indians in the years 2009/2010
when they only form only 8% of the population and the scores of other
atrocities against the Indians who are seen as soft targets by the
UMNO regime.

The spin off of this media racism is the opposition parties PKR,DAP
and PAS top leaders,their MPs’ and ADUNS’ including their Indian
Mandores also side step these critical Indian issue as they do not get
to play to the majoritarian Malay,Chinese and natives political
gallery who form 92% of the voters.

No or very little media coverage they get on even the most serious
Indian issues turns out to be “no incentive” for them to champion the
critical Indian problems though they otherwise swear to be supposedly
multi-racial or one Malay-Sian.They losing Malay votes may be another