Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kg Buah Pala to Hulu Selangor: Vote BN

Kg Buah Pala to Hulu Selangor: Vote BN (refer 23 April 2010)
Frustrated Kg Buah Pala residents have called on Hulu Selangor voters to cast their ballots in favour of the Barisan Nasional candidate P Kamalanathan.
NONE"This is a humble request from us, please vote for the BN candidate; please do not become victims like us, who were all taken in by their (Pakatan Rakyat government) sweet words,’ pleaded resident I Pasu (right), at the village site today, also known as High Chapparal due to its long history of cattle rearing.
He also pleaded with them to give Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak a chance to prove that his 1Malaysia concept works.
Pasu, a newspaper vendor, was speaking to reporters at Residents Association’s press conference held at a cowshed.
Residents continue to lament that the state government has yet to compensate the nine out of 24 families evicted from the village last September.
Empty promises letdown
Akg buah pala 020709 
villagers deal with policet the height of the controversy, the villagers were told they would receive a RM600,000 double storey terrace house each as compensation.
In February, Penang Deputy Chief Minister II P Ramasamy had said the state had already secured double-storey homes for 15 of the 24 effected families and was still trying to negotiate for more.
However, the villagers claimed it was all "verbal and not documented".
"This is a lie, they have given us nothing, where are the documents, where is it in black and white?" demanded the RA’s assistant secretary C Thamaras.
"Nine of us who were actively involved in organizing the rest of the village have been singled out by the Penang PR government and are being victimised," he alleged.
NONEHe called on the Indian voters of Hulu Selangor to be wary of who they will pick as their parliamentarian.
"Our suggestion to the Indian voters of Hulu Selangor is this…please exercise your votes carefully, so you do not have to face miseries like what we are facing, by voting for an untrustworthy party and untrustworthy individuals," said Thamaras (above), who is a businessman.
He urged them to take a leaf out of their experience and not listen to promises from "untrustworthy politicians".
"Their talk of a better future has not meant anything to us, will not mean anything to you," he added.
"The politicians only want our votes, they do not care for our problems especially so with the Indians because of our numerical and economic weaknesses, so brothers and sisters, please be careful," he added.
NONEThe association’s chairperson M Sugumaran (left in pix) also called on the Hulu Selangor electorate not to let their votes go to waste.
"Please think carefully before casting your votes, do not let it go to waste because your vote is very valuable," he said.
"Kg Buah Pala has remained empty promises; do not be swayed by their sweet words, where are all the promises of the Pakatan Rakyat gover