Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shan's reply to RPK's 'The great Hindraf debate'

Dear RPK, your sincerity is the last thing in my mind. Never have doubted it nor is there a reason for it. I wrote this piece because I felt that somehow, someway, you are swayed and what you say doesn't seem to be one that is of conviction, at least for me seeing what you have done so far for Malaysians as a whole.

Politics is cancerous and sometimes it can cloud our minds. Like you stated in your rebuttal, this is your personal experience with the grassroots and your see how sincere they are and not a tinge of racist. In the same instance, Pakatan MPs have been courting people like Vasanthakumar and Rao for their own political need and vice versa. Look at Genga and Manoharan. They have stood neutral and did not engage in a war of words with Uthaya or Waytha that the opposition embarked in whenever they questioned their inability to carry out their task for the Indians that is within their means. They are not asking for the sky, they are asking for what is humanely possible by the opposition.

I am not here for character assassination but to put into perspective that you have the luxury of communicating with decision-makers in opposition as well as Moorthy and see why and how you can play a part like how you have been with other issues in striking the balance to achieve the Malaysian goal. I am sure you have dealt with Moorthy and you know he is very level-headed bloke without losing sight of the objective. Then again, the objective should be one that is practical and real for those who deserve and not one that is dictated by the political will of the opposition through media power and false propaganda. We have enough of that through the ruling government.

Logically, if you see it, HINDRAF is not racist but a movement that needs to fend for themselves as nobody is going to do it for them nor are too concerned with it. So all I ask is be fair to them, not to seek a preference. See their predicament, their inability even to convince the opposition of their plight. They are not asking for the whole cake. They just want a share of the cake like any other Malaysians and if this termed as racist,

I am lost for words.

Frankly, do you think there is a problem in engaging HINDRAF when nobody even wants to deal with them although their cry is for the reality and truth on the ground for the masses that had embraced and treated you like a king. Do you suspect the intention of the real HINDRAF leaders when this are the people that they fight for and antagonise everyone including you for them to be labelled as racist.

You are far more experienced and well-versed than I am. But in all sincerity, when it is the truth and reality, we need to sow the seeds of truth to our audience even if they cannot accept it and deal with it. If not, it would make no difference who is in power but how a true notion can be manipulated similar to the position you are in now in exile.

As much as I have respect for you, the truth and reality is the higher authority and it should not blight me or you for the true state of the Malaysian Indians nor any Malaysian for the matter. It has to start somewhere and somehow, and in your heart you know it is not a racist agenda.

R. Shan