Thursday, December 2, 2010

Indians have to torch themselves and beg to death to stop Hindu temple demolishment in PKR, DAP and PAS Selangor and UMNO One Malay-sia

In over the last 53 years UMNO had been systematically “ethnically cleansing” and demolishing thousands of Hindu temples nationwide.

When I was a boy ( 35 years ago ) I remember an Indian actor from Chennai visiting Malaysia, interviewed on radio, that he was impressed to see so many Hindu temples that dotted the Malaysian landscape and that it reminded him of India. And he quoted the Tamil Proverb “Never live in an village that does not have a temple.

That was some 35 years ago. No more now through.

And today Chakra Gunasegaran had to set himself ablaze and kill himself ablaze (see Tamil Nesan headlines 1/12/10 ) and beg the PKR, DAP and PAS state government to stop the demolishment of his Hindu temple.

Where is the change? Worse still such self immolation has never happened even during the 50 year old rule of Selangor by the UMNO / BN regime. PKR, DAP and their Indian mandores should ask themselves why. Perhaps they are missing something?

PKR, DAP and PAS ruling Selangor, Penang and Kedah have 100 % powers to grant land to all Hindu temples, Hindu cemetaries, and the 180 Tamil schools which will qualify all these 180 Tamil schools in these three states to become fully financially aided schools, and out of it’s current cowshed like dilapidated conditions in these three states and offer a permanent solution while they are still in power because if UMNO/BN comes back to power there is no way there are going to do it. But they have blatantly refused to do so simply because they fear losing the “Malay muslim” votes. But never mind the Indians kena nyaya.

90 % of the minority Indians voted for PKR, DAP and Pas and for the first time in 50 years the UMNO/ BN regime lost their two thirds majority in Parliament and won in five new states including the Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur.

But PKR, DAP and PAS after getting what they had wanted ie the bulk and chunk of the Indian votes hardly made a difference to their lives of the Indian poor. They continued with the 50 year old UMNO neo colonialising the Indian poor by using their Indian mandores to offer temporary and piece meal solutions like dishing out hampers, petty cash for Hindu temples, Tamil schools cemeteries or kosong promises of land here or land there and getting the same widely covered in the three Tamil dailes.

PKR, DAP and PAS would do everything else on an ad hoc and a temporary solution, but not grant a permanent solution like granting land to all Hindu temples, Hindu cemeteries, Tamil schools and Indian villages and settlements.

Especially with no cost of RM to them, only land is to be granted. One stroke of the MB/CM’s pen and a permanent solution to this 53 year old out standing problem.

But why not while they are still in power playing to the 60 % Malay muslim voters is more important than the Indians from now onwards having to burn themselves to death so that their temples, cemeteries, Tamil schools, Indian villages and settlements are not demolished and destroyed.

May Chakra Gunasekara’s soul rest in peace his sacrifice in defence of his Hindu temple from destruction.It is the first of it’s kind in Malaysia and has created history.

Only HRP’s project 15/38 will have some hope of ending these Indian poor misery.

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