Tuesday, December 7, 2010

BN Convention PM Najib Razak says equal partners in serving the Malay muslims in Malay-sia.

By saying Oray Malaysia (One Malay-sia) BN Convention yesterday, the Indians are not going to be fooled. You may fool some of the people all the time. As for the Indians no more though after the 25th November 2007 Hindraf Rally.

Why a BN Convention only after nine (9) years desperate to win back 90% of the Indians votes that moved to the Opposition?

As for HRP and Hindraf we are committed to see to the end of the 53 year without a break in the chain rule of UMNO/BN that has brought down especially the Indian poor to this level of misery, mired in poverty and having to beg for even the basic necessities like BC, IC, Tamil school land, equal job, business and licence opportunities.

Just this morning I had bumped into a supporter from Klang on my way into the office. He is looking for a place to relocate his hair dressing shop and now stays at the PPR flats in Bangsar. When I asked him why he did not try renting the shop lots at the basement of his said PPR flats to serve the 1,000 over residents in the flats, he said he had tried but was told that it is only for the Malay muslims. This is just the tip of the iceberg of the ground realty on a day to day basis and from womb to tomb for especially the Indian poor in Malay-sia.

UMNO/BN has to go! UMNO/BN has over stayed their welcome! We want PR to take over Putrajaya. We support Anwar Ibrahim as the next Prime Minister of Malaysia. But we are not prepared to give him a blank cheque. We want to be PR’s check and balance in Putrajaya.

We cannot and will never accept PKR, DAP and PAS’s role for us as the showcase and showpiece a la MIC Indian mandores. (This is why PKR, DAP and PAS say we are difficult).

We will only come on board when PKR, DAP and PAS are sincere in seriously resolving Hindraf’s 18 point demands.

Until then HRP’s Project 15/38 is on the forthcoming March 2011 general elections.

Rights not Mercy.

P. Uthayakumar