Monday, November 1, 2010

Malay-sian Police Special Branch in trail of Hindraf Chair P.Waytha Moorthy at Public Records office (UK National Archives‏)

12fdf0f87403c158876f4ade3375bed2The below photos were taken by well wishers of HINDRAF who are taking turns to keep Waytha Moorthy safe in London at the National Archives Kew London.

On 28th October the 1st Malay Special Branch officer was spotted loitering in the research areas in the archives spying on the research work on behalf of Hindraf carried out by Waytha Moorthy. The next day 29th October he came with a Pakistani/Bangladeshi looking mystery male and pointed out Waytha Moorthy to the mystery man.

Hindraf would hold the Malay-sian Special Branch responsible should anything untoward happened to Waytha Moorthy.

We are particularly concerned with the safety of Waytha Moorthy as over the last 3 months there has been political killings (hired killers) in the UK involving at least 2 overseas Political leaders /activists seeking asylum in UK.

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