Friday, October 22, 2010

HINDRAF & HRP: Tamil Schools are our future

Between 2008 and 2010 there has been vast development in Batu Kawan with new housing estates, double storey shop lots, huge mosque and school. Here we are precisely zooming into new buildings for all type of schools except the usual Tamil schools. Below are the pictures of the new schools in Batu Kawan, Penang.
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Without the signage one could easily identify that those are schools. Palace like Malay schools and multiple story Chinese schools are easily noticeable. Now the question raise is where is the Tamil School? If you drive pass Batu Kawan probable you would not be able to find the Tamil school that easily. Why? Look for yourself …
…yes it the Tamil School. Could you believe it? A used 40’ container is the so called Batu Kawan Tamil School. The hot and stuffy condition inside the container is unbearable. How can a living soul allow this kind of humiliation to happen to our community and worst still behave or pretend as though nothing has happened?
Why is it that only Tamil schools need to face such a dilemma in getting the government fund? Why is it that it is always neglected by the UMNO government or Pakatan government? Is it that Pakatan or UMNO and their administration are having a attitude problem or are they sidelining Tamil schools and Indians as a whole?
The education ministry is now questioning the enrolment in the Tamil School and since the figure is low they are reluctant to build a new building even though a land has been year marked for a new Tamil school.
Now looking at the above schools where would one register their child. Obviously at schools which looks like Palace with luxurious look and not at schools that are build in hot and stuffy containers. This is what the Education Ministry is expecting. This is what we call systematic ethnic onslaught. The enrolment in Tamil schools will decline and the government will use this excuses to deny a new building for Tamil School. Eventually the land which was year marked for Tamil school will be taken away and probably will be used for building a Tadika Permata, new surau or another new mosque.
Once if you close or destroy Tamil Schools, the language will die and eventually the race will die. This is what we call ethnic onslaught.
66680_155402397831484_100000851758226_248773_124593_n Hindraf & HRP meets parents of
Batu Kawan Tamil School
The far sighted of Hindraf and HRP is battling this ethnic onslaught and appealing to residents of Batu Kawan to sign up the signature champion which was launch to protect our Tamil schools. You may contact Mr. Annadurai @ 017-4107244 for further details. We need more than 800 signatures to save the future of Batu Kawan Tamil School. Ground work has been re-energized by HRP Perai Team and we need the support of every resident especially Tamil school students, ex-students and parents residing at Batu Kawan area to throw their support for this noble cause.
Human Rights Party
Penang Information Chief