Thursday, October 14, 2010

Biracial The Star & NST: Policeman fired 19 bullets to kill Aminulrasyid. Front page & prime news but zero headlines when poor Indian victim similarly killed.

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(see The Star headlines 13/10/10 , BH front page & NST at page 6)

If and if only The Star, News Straits Times, Berita Harian, Utusan Malaysia, Sin Chew, China Press, Utusan Malaysia, Malaysiakini and the mainstream print and electronic media had similarly covered in their headlines, front pages and prime news also of the hundreds of Indians similarly shot dead, hundreds of these poor Indian mothers, wifes and childrens’ misery would have been relieved vis a vis justice, the due administration of law and order and human rights being upheld.

But today the mainstream and alternative media are functioning as the racial One Malay-sian media. Where it gives due coverage only when the victims are from the politically and economically powerful Malay muslim or the economically powerful Chinese. Where Indians are the victims, scarce coverage is given.

And neither does the so called ‘multi-racial” PKR, DAP, PAS NGOs, Bar Council, Indian elite and the Malaysian civil society speak up when the victims are the Indian poor. The Indian elite publicly lament when the victims are Chinese or Malays so as to rub shoulders and seek acceptance within those communities.

But in the western civil societies the majority whites and christians almost always bend backwards to protect, speak for and champion the poor minority interests. In fact they take pride in doing so. But in One Malay-sia the Indian elite, Malays and Chinese having fallen victim to Malay supremacy and the Chinese economic power almostly completely sidesteps the Indian poor however pressing the injustices and human rights violations against them.