Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Raja Petra: Non anti Indian starts with Malaysia Today also publishing pressing Indian problems.

raja petra
Dear PRK, my response on your take on HINDRAF – R. Shan (Human Being)
The first thing that irked me is your statement

“There are those who say I am anti-Indian or anti-Hindraf. My outspokenness towards a single-race struggle has been condemned as that of an anti-Indian or anti-Hindraf stance. And many who propagate the Hindraf cause have taken me to task for this perceived ‘anti’ stance. Maybe it is time I made my stance clear, for whatever it is worth”.

Frankly, I don’t think there is any truth to it. Nobody questioned you nor indicted you in the cyber world if you notice that you actually do not carry any HINDRAF news at all unless it actually warrants for whatsoever reasons that you decide to publish it.

I guess the rebuttal that you face is if alike others for a political reason, you ran an oiled agenda to portray them as racist but now you make your stance, therefore there are quite a considerable sympathizes who would castigate you to clear the air even with your so called the elite NATO commenter’s.

You say the HINDRAF case should be a Malaysian cause, let’s look at the factual aspect of it. Tell me or show me how many of the moderate bloggers and liberated bloggers from either the Malays or other non Malay carry their news? Look even at Malaysia Today, even they don’t carry HINDRAF news to ensure the tilt of the artificial power of the arm chair critics stays in course without making an actual change.

Now, I look back and ponder, how have this “semua tahu” community in the comments have made the change that most desire for others, other than voicing their frustration as tomorrow is just another day in their day to day life but not for those in poverty and discriminated. Sure we are also discriminated, but we are with choice not those without choice yet we sit and brood irrespective of race, religion or color.

Sorry, RPK, I maybe blunt in my approach but I alone cannot defeat the forces of evil unless and until I recognize the purpose in such exercise that can benefit Malaysians at large. That purpose can only exist if you are genuine in your approach rather than to pander to those commenter’s who will talk about the whole nine yard yet when action is required, swivel into their coconut shell for their own needs. Please enlighten me how many of the the ultra vires bloggers or alternative media carry HINDRAF/ HRP news or why they have not approached HINDRAF?

Just look at the some of the comments on your site on this article, they don’t even know what they are talking about, because, you are just a temporary reprieve for the moment until you exist, then it is history as they will move on in their own way and you will in your own way .

RPK, I feel rather than giving political and appeasing speeches, we should support any cause that addresses the needy and those deprived even if it involves a certain segment of a group. It has to start somewhere. Nobody denies that others are as vulnerable as the Malaysian Indians are in the current situation, but the nonchalant attitude towards Malaysian Indians should not be used as a political agenda as and when it fits an agenda.

I think, HINDRAF knows what it wants for the poor and the poverty stricken to salvage even if it starts with the Malaysian Indians, but more pertinent is people need to be more akin to their agenda on a humanity aspect rather than that appeases our glorified commenter’s.

For a start in a pro active manner, you should include and highlight HINDRAF / HRP issue as often as you can in your site amongst others, then we would know that you actually mean what you say.

R. Shan (Human Being)