Saturday, September 25, 2010

Padang Jawa Hindu Temple: No Gazette number or date gazetted on sign board unveiled, under hazardous Telecoms Tower. No PKR Selangor state government land for all 2,540 hindu temples all in one go.


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Date : 24th September 2010
YAB Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, Menteri Besar Selangor,
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Re: No Gazette number or date gazetted on sign board unveiled, under hazardous Telecoms Tower. Selangor state government land for all 2,540 hindu temples in Selangor all in one go.
We refer to the above matter and to the newsreports in Malaysia Nanban 23/9/10 at page 13, Makkal Osai 23/9/10 at page 9 and also in Sinar Harian 22/9/10 at page S5, and The Star 23/9/10 at page N48.
We regret to bring to your goodselves attention that despite the Selangor state government publicising the unveiling of the official signboard gazetting the Padang Jawa Kuil Sri Maha Mariamman, the gazette number and the date the same was gazetted was “conveniently” missing. 003
We regret to note that despite three years of PKR ruling Selangor, it is only now that the signboard has been unveiled and a mere “kosong” promise of RM300,000.00 to rebuild this hindu temple. Maybe we should not be surprised as one political analyst defined politics as making “empty” promises and creating “false” perceptions.
009Kindly let us have the gazette number, the date the same was gazetted and whether the land title has been issued in the name of this hindu temple trustees names, so as not to create the perception that this is merely an empty “kosong” political statement.
Further it has been acknowledged by the Selangor state government that there are 2,540 hindu temples in Selangor (TN 12/9/10 at page 1) and that 95 places of worship for non muslims have been granted land titles (SH 22/9/10 at page S5).
We would like to have a list of all these 2,540 hindu temples together with details of how many of these hindu temples have been granted land by the Selangor state government, the date it was gazetted, whether the titles thereto had been issued and if so whether the titles have been issued under the names of the respective temple trustees names and other relevant details. We would also appreciate photocopies of all these land titles issued, their gazette numbers and the date the same was gazetted together with the gazette notice.
In any event we regret to note that after all the atrocities committed by the previous state government on this Padang Jawa Hindu Temple and demolishing the 96 hindu temples in Selangor, “ethnically cleansing” and wiping out their 200 over year old history and heritage in Selangor. And with 90% of the Malaysian Indians having voted PKR, DAP and PAS to power to be able to form the Selangor state government they are now only granted this raw and piecemeal deal a la UMNO. Note: (One Hindu temple demolished every week nationwide. Between 2004 to 2007, 96 hindu temples were demolished in Selangor at an average of one hindu temple in every ten days.(TN 30/10/08 at page 3).
In fact it is rather insulting that the land this hindu temple has been granted is on a mere 15,000 square feet of land which is just over one quarter acre of land and that too below a health hazardous Telecoms Tower if not on the Telecoms Towers reserve land and endangering the lives of especially the hindu priest and the regular hindu devotees thereto.
From our records forcing a place of worship under a Telecoms tower has never been done before to any Masjids, Suraus, Chinese temples or churches or any other place of worship even in any other part of the world let alone in the world’s cruelest dictatorship regimes. Why are the Hindu temples singled out in Selangor and in Malay-sia? Indians soft targets? The poor and politically powerless Indians are easy to bully?100_2056
For and on behalf of the estimated half a million Indian community in Selangor we hereby apply for another suitable five (5) acre piece of land for this Padang Jawa hindu temple within two (2) weeks from the date hereof at the very least to undo the injustices that has happened to this hindu temple, if not to the hundreds of hindu temples that has been demolished and “ethnically cleansed” in Selangor. This new five (5) acre land is necessary to rebuild a proper hindu temple, a jasmine and other flower garden, a wedding hall, a community hall, a community centre to serve the neighbouring poor Indian community, a car park and land for future temple development which is to be planted with coconut trees and banana plants sacred to the hindus in the interim. This could serve as Selangor’s model hindu temple and which could become Selangor’s “Batu Caves” and also a prime tourist attraction. 100_2039
We also ask your goodself to grant land to all 2,540 hindu temples in Selangor all in one go and gazette the same accordingly under the name of the respective hindu temple trustees and not the usual kosong wayang kulit “PPP” peanuts political propoganda especially in the Tamil dailies by your Selangor Indian Exco mandore.
Kindly revert to us accordingly.
Thank You.
Yours Faithfully,
Secretary General (pro – tem)
100_2080 100_2079