Friday, September 17, 2010

Mother of missing toddler believes daughter held captive

MENTAKAB: The mother of missing two-year-old Nisha Chandramohan (pic) still believes that the girl is alive and being held captive somewhere in the country.
Wong Lai Lan, 21, said she and her husband had steadfastly held to this belief since their daughter’s disappearance in early June.

“We pray daily for her wellbeing and go to church every Sunday, hoping for a miracle someday,” she said in an interview.

Wong said that despite the wide publicity by the media and assistance from RHB Group, the MIC and Lanchang assemblyman Datuk Mohd Sharkar Shamsuddin, there was still no news of Nisha’s whereabouts.

“As her mother, I have an instinct that she is still alive. I can only pray that whoever is keeping Nisha is being kind to her, and knows that she needs medication for epilepsy,” she said.
Eternal hope: A worried and anxious Wong pining for her daughter in Mentakab in this file picture.
Wong said she and her husband have been driving around during their days off with posters of Nisha, hoping to get new leads.

She also revealed that some people had played pranks by asking for their cellphones to be topped up in exchange for information. ”
A man contacted us last Sunday, saying he had seen Nisha but I sensed that he was not truthful.
“We have already suffered enough. Please do not add to our misery,” she pleaded.
Those with information can contact Wong at 016-9323803 or state MIC Youth chief K. Sivakumar at 012-391 3039.