Wednesday, September 1, 2010

53 years of no Merdeka for Indians . End racial and religious supremacy in bi racial neo colonialist UMNO & One Malaysia will naturally resurface.

_44431647_protestors_ap_416bToday Malay-sia celebrates it’s 53rdIndependence day . Even right up to 1969, One Malaysia existed naturally from the hearts and souls of the people. There was then no need for the One Malaysia propaganda because there was existing genuine One Malaysia . But today because of the 53 year old racial and religious supremacist rule by UMNO,multiracial One Malaysia has evolved to become Bi racial One Malay-sia,
The Malaysian Chinese who control up to 50% of the Malaysian economy were forced to be taken in as partners in the national mainstream development on Malaysia. The orang asli ,Kadazan and Iban are bumiputras and have their special position according to the Federal Constitution. Plus the poor Malays,poor orang asli ,poor Iban ,poor Kadazan have thousands of their traditional heritage villages and ancestral heritage land as their social safety net. Why, even the poor Chinese have their hundreds of Chinese New villages as their social safety net.
Even the much touted abused foreign workers have their respective governments and embassies in KL and many highly funded NGO’s like Tenaganita etc to speak up and offer them same form of protection.
For example the Indonesian government is demanding a minimum wage of RM 650 per month for Indonesian maids and the Philipines government RM 1,300 . But for the poor Indian rubber plantation workers UMNO has set RM 325.00 per month as the salary or RM 10.58 per day even in the UMNO Sime Darby estates which has now replaced the British colonialists.
New Scan-20100831172852-00001 One Malay-sia does not cry for these poor Indians.
From the above said Malaysian society the only community that is left out of the national mainstream development of Malaysia is even the sixth generation poor Malaysian Indian community.
The poor Malaysian Indians did not have a head start unlike what the Chinese had some 53 years ago. Even then the few Philanthropists,Traders ,businessmen,shopkeepers etc were the Chinese. The Corporate,Industrial,Banking,businessman and rich Chinese and their guilds and associations had helped the Chinese poor come out of poverty in these 53 years .
New Scan-20100831172652-00001The UMNO led Malay-sian government has helped the poor malays out of poverty. For example at least 442,000 poor Malays have been given a ten acre land ownership scheme in Felda , Felcra and Risda to come out of poverty.Through the UMNO racial and religious supremacy the Malays control about 98% of the 1.2 million civil service jobs and about 40% of the economy.
Today the Chinese control of the Malaysian economy and need no or very little government help. Indians have been denied government civil service jobs and the appropriate promotions. For example the Indians in the civil service has been reduced from as estimated 70% before Merdeka to a mere 1% or so after this 53 years of Independence.
And the trampling of the oppressed Indians under the racial One Malay-sian UMNO regime continues with impunity, the tip of the iceberg of which is recorded on a day to day basis in especially
The only way forward to end this UMNO bi racial One Malay-sia
is HRP’s Project 15/38. Until than there is no merdeka for the Malaysian Indian poor under the 53 year old rule of the neo colonialist
bi racial UMNO regime rule.
Old wine in new bottles.The British colonialists are now replaced by the neo colonialists malay muslim UMNO.The helpless and politically powerless poor Indians are left to rot in the present day
bi racial One Malay-sia by the UMNO controlled Malay-sian government and the Malaysian Chinese capitalists who practice racism.
From womb to tomb and from cradle to grave the poor Indians are politically engineered by UMNO to become the new underclass in Malaysia to do bi racial One Malay-sia’s dirty jobs like toilet cleaners,office cleaners. 95% of the UMNO DBKL Alam Flora garbage collector workers are Indians and similiarly in other such establishments nationwide.Also as unskilled plantation and general workers,office boys,security guards,daily salaried taxi,bus,van and lorry drivers etc..
An estimated 150,000 even sixth generation Malaysian born Indian children are maliciously denied their birth certificates by UMNO. Another estimated 300,000 Indians have been maliciously denied their identity cards.
Hundred of thousands of Indians were and are denied even the very basic skills and vocational training in these 53 years . For example unlike the Giatmara which is literally available to all and any poor malay and also available literally
at their doorsteps.
Hundreds of thousands of deserving Indians were denied higher and tertiary education ,JPA,Mara,Petronas etc scholarship ,matriculation places ,teachers training oppurtunities etc.
Hundreds of thousand of deserving Indians have been denied licences,permits to even open up scrap metal and car wash outlets.
Let alone the opportunities to operate food and other stalls,petty trading,Petronas,KFC,Mc Donald ,Highway rest area business opputunities,low rental local council shops,taxi express bus and heavy lorry permits,projects and contracts,business loans and hundreds of thousands of business opportunities.
The British colonialists on this 53rd Merdeka day have obviously been replaced by the neo colonialist UMNO.