Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ops padam HRP HQ. Police gangsters aborted attack on HRP HQ.

Police Ops padam HRP HQ. Police gangsters aborted attack on HRP HQ.
Just three weeks ago two civil clothes policemen using a motorcycle and backed up by at least one marked and another unmarked police car as seen on our CCTV had within 30 seconds robbed P.Uthayakumar of his computer bag containing his lap top, camera, mobile phone, video camera and vital HRP documents from his car that was parked right in front and within just ten metres or so of the main entrance of the HRP HQ on the ground floor.
And now on Friday 7/5/10, three unmarked cars appeared at the HRP HQ at about 11.00p.m. A staff who had worked late and was alone was still waiting for her fiancée when saw what she believed to be at least three unmarked police cars with about 15 civil clothes policemen in their fully tinted two Honda and one Proton Wira cars surrounding the HRP HQ. She was frightened and alerted her fiancée who had arrived shortly thereafter. We believe this Ops Padam HRP HQ was thereafter aborted.
The three cars immediately left but followed and sandwiched the staff’s car from the front, behind and the side as if frightening, threatening and harassing her and her fiancée.
Should there be any acts of sabotage against this HRP HQ we will hold the Polis Raja Di Malaysia and UMNO fully responsible.
Malay-sia now a full fledged police state!