Monday, May 3, 2010

Labour Day : Minimum wage of RM 1,300.00 per month in all sectors and for all including the Indians.

Yesterday marked Labour Day in recognition of the sacrifices and contribution of especially the Indian labour in Malaysia who in those days literally worked with their bare hands to build the Railways ,roads, bridges , work in interior rubber estates etc. Indian labour has been and is crucial in what Malaysia has become today , the wealthy prosperous country with the world’s tallest twin towers. This is the reason why UMNO in most of Malaysia’s 53 year history has made an Indian the labour minster to perform the Indian Mandore duties to UMNO . The present day labour Minister is Dr.Subramaniam . Similarly in all of the state Exco positions in Kedah , Penang , Perak , Selangor , Johor and N.Sembilan.
The Labour portfolio is and has always been held by an Indian including by the present day PKR , DAP and PAS state governments in Kedah , Penang Selangor and earlier in Perak ( as if they do not qualify to hold other senior Exco positions).
“ We helped build this city.’ And we helped build Malaysia.
But today after 53 years of independence,especially the Indians are yet to be given a minimum wage.
In point 16 of our 18 point demands to Prime Minister Badawi dated 12/7/2007 we had demanded a basic monthly salary of RM 1,000.00 per month.
With a RM 100.00 monthly increament per year we today after 3 years demand in 2010 RM 1,300.00 per month.
But the Labour Minister is indicating (being selective) proposing “ setting a minimum wage for targeted sectors under the New Economic Model (NEM) electronics , textiles , gloves and furniture industries ( NST 2/5/2010 at page 8)
Why? Because the overwhelming majority of the beneficiaries thereto would be the malay muslims?
And this Indian mandore Labour Minister under UMNOs’directions seems to be permanently “ studying ‘ the minimum wage proposal even after 53 years of independence (The Star 2/5/2010 at page N5).
We have recorded plantation workers in Cameron Highlands earning RM 13.00 per day ( approximately RM 260.00 per month) living in near slave like living conditions. Even lower than the RM18.00 per day earned by the Bangladeshi workers.
Indian dish washers ( as per our February video) earn as low as RM 350.00 per month .
After about a 50 year struggle the plantation workers salary has been set at RM 350.00 per month in 2006 or so.This “insulting”monthly salary is modern day slavery.
On this Labour Day 2010 we call upon the UMNO led One Malay-sian government to pass legislation to set a minimum wage of RM 1,300.00 per month for all workers in particular the Indian workers with effect from 1/5/2010. And with all arrears of wages to be paid backdated and from this date onwards