Saturday, May 15, 2010

Hindraf stands for principles and HRP is issue based Rejects mandorism

url hindraf Immediately before and after the 8th March 2008 general elections, PKR won in four states. Hindraf leaders did not contest neither did they take up any Director of state government linked companies, Councillor or village head positions. Even after HRP was formed in July 2009, we did not want to lobby or take up any of the P.R states as our independence meant the most to us. HRP is issue based and are not prepared to compromise especially on the BN and PR Federal and state governments excluding the Indian poor from the national mainstream development of Malaysia. We mean business with both BN and PR.
We are far from the likes of the Indian PAS supporters club scrambling for even Village head positions (The Star 12/5/2010 at page N40) or the likes of the PKR, DAP and PAS Indian DCM 2, Exco, MP and ADUN mandores who for personal interests are prepared to compromise the fair just equitable and best interest of the Indians.
Ours is a thousand mile journey and we are in no hurry.
We will only take up real positions with real empowerment.
We are not prepared to assume the mandore roles be it for tuans or towkays in UMNO, PKR, DAP or PAS.
For this reason even PR is apprehensive of us.
Hindraf stands for principles. HRP is issue based. We are activists first and politicians last.
P. Uthayakumar