Saturday, May 1, 2010


Hindraf in its pursuit of human rights in Malaysia shall hold its 1st National level convention on August 8, 2010.

HINDRAF in its position has grown in strength since Nov 25, 2007 in quality of conscious and right thinking participants for a humanity cause for the poor and poverty stricken amongst Malaysians along with various international watchdogs who have taken an interest in the prevailing abuses of human rights in Malaysia after 53 years of independence of a purported multi racial society

A delegate of 100 participants who are actively involved in HINDRAF’s struggle in Malaysia along with about 200 observers including several international human rights watchdogs will be attending our inauguration of a national level convention.

Amongst the objective of this convention is to address and highlight numerous issues relating to continued suppression of human rights issues in Malaysia. Along with this, there will be resolutions passed on the future direction of HINDRAF and their plans to mobilise human rights issues in Malaysia starting in the back water of the poor, deprived, discriminated and marginalized society.

There will be a direct live video conference with P. Waythamoorthy who is in exile in London where the delegates and observers can exchange their views in the direction of HINDRAF for the betterment of human rights in Malaysia.   

Amongst the other issues that will be highlighted during this convention is the new line up of the HINDRAF national and international coordinators who will spearhead the struggle of HINDRAF for its objective in Malaysia and abroad.

The direction of HINDRAF has always been without prejudice to another but to ensure that the voices of the voiceless are a constant reminder for a humanity cause in Malaysia.  

Thank you.
P. Waythamoorthy