Tuesday, March 2, 2010

S’gor PKR Indian Exco mandore’s kosong one new Tamil school Tamil paper politics ala MIC

This Selangor PKR Exco mandore seems to be as thick skin as his 50 year predecessor MIC mandore in that he still continues with his Tamil school Tamil paper kosong politics ala MIC despite our repeated exposure of this his political rhetoric and even our formal complaint letter to his “tuan” Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim vide our letter dated 23/2/2010.

He has turned out to be a “fine” mandore politician as what his “tuan” Anwar Ibrahim and Tan Sri Khalid of PKR wants him to be.

But this Indian Exco mandore merely (kosong) promised the building of one new Desa Riya Tamil school in Petaling Jaya to generate excitement, play to the gallery and score political points and to stay politically afloat and alive and relevant among the especially vulnerable the Indian community.

But we ask again:-

1) Contrary to the Tamil paper sub headlines “New Tamil school for Desa Ria Tamil School” announces Xavier. (MO 1/3/10 page 2) Where is the truth of it?

2) Where is the official letter of this by the Selangor State government?

3) The land title or the aforesaid official letter to this proposed Desa Ria Tamil school was never made public at the announcement ceremony!

4) The approval letter by the Federal Government Education Ministry and the relevant authorities to the Selangor State government was never made public by this PKR Indian Exco mandore!

5) What about Tamil school land by the Selangor government to all 98 Tamil schools in Selangor all in one go! which would force the UMNO Federal government to grant full financial aid! Why no announcement on this by this EXCO mandore’s Tuan Menteri Besar Selangor. Why this piecemeal and temporary and/or non existent political rhetoric to fool and pull wool over the Indian communities’ eyes. Why not a wholesome and permanent solution by this mandore’s tuan Menteri Besar’s public announcement all in one go and with the effect of a wholesome as opposed to the present piecemeal and temporary solution on the Selangor state governments’ letterhead that all 98 Tamil schools are henceforth given state government land.

After all it has already been two years since PKR is ruling Selangor. And they only have a mere two more years to go before the next general elections and they may or may not be retained as the next Selangor state government thereafter. Why can’t PKR grant Selangor state land to all 98 Tamil schools in Selangor during their tenure as there is no way UMNO is going to do it if the come back to power in Selangor? PKR and their Indian Exco mandore would not do so as they fear losing Malay votes! But never mind these Tamil schools’ dilapidated and near cow shed like conditions.

And that brings us to the next question of what then is the difference between UMNO and PKR, DAP and PAS?

Based on his previous records, this PKR Indian Exco mandore is expected to hatch and rehatch over and over again this one new proposed Tamil school right up to the next general elections and maybe even thereafter as the malay proverb goes “Ayam telor sebiji rioh sekampung”. Further he is going to say that the Selangor state government had done their part but it is now the Federal government that has derailed this new Tamil school plan. If that be the case why then this premature new Tamil school announcement in the first place.