Friday, March 19, 2010

Selangor Indian Exco Mandore’s MIC style peanuts representation

Getting some peanut reduction of land premium is an achievement for this Selangor PKR Indian Exco Mandore.This is the very same game his predecessor MIC Exco Mandore had been playing in the previous 50 years. This Indian Exco Mandore cannot get his ex UMNO Tuan PKR MB Selangor and a 17 year ex-UMNO No. 2 i.e., Anwar Inbrahim to solve substantive land issues for all 98 tamil schools, all hindu temples and cemeteries.

So he does this kind of wayang kulit tamil newspaper politics through his “able” ex-DAP mandore P.A Pakianathan to keep afloat and be seen as relevant among the Indian community.

How come we don’t read of these kind of cheap skate “achievements” in the Malay, English and Chinese newspaper?

Shame on this PKR Indian Exco Mandore, his tuan Selangor MB and Parti Chief Anwar Ibrahim.