Friday, March 12, 2010

PKR Selangor MB’s RM 5,000.00 for Malay shot by police. DAP Penang CM – house for Chinese. Zero for Indians

PKR, DAP and PAS all claim to be multiracial parties but in practice it is other wise. UMNOs’ racism has even spilled over to these Opposition PKR, DAP and PAS parties.

Scores of Indian youths have been shot dead by the police. But the PKR Tuan Selangor M.B led government never gave them a single cent. Perhaps because they all died wheras this Malay lady survived! (We are happy this Malay lady was granted some compensation, in fact should have been awarded more).

Similarly the 24 Kg Buah Pala Indian settlers whose houses were ruthlessly demolished by DAP’s Kapitan Lim Guan Eng, but zero houses let alone the wayang kulit RM 600,000.00 double storey houses supposedly to be given to the Indians.

Refer to newsreports below:-


S’gor donates RM5,000 to police shooting victim


Mar 9, 10 4:17pm

The Selangor state government has donated RM5,000 to unemployed single mother Norizan Salleh, 30, who was allegedly shot five times and assaulted by the police.

The donation was presented by Womens Affair, Science, Technology and Inovations exco Rodziah Ismail at the state secretariat building in Shah Alam today, as part of the state government’s effort to mark International Women’s Day.

According to her written

HYPERLINK “″ complaints to the Human Rights Commission and the police, Norizan (left) was shot on the chest and wrist while traveling in a car along the Middle Ring Road II on Oct 30 last year.

She was then pulled out of the car and assaulted further, resulting in a broken rib. The incident has left her with a hefty RM18,000 medical bill.

Her attempts to seek a

HYPERLINK “″ meeting with Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein to file an official complaint were futile.

Women decision makers

In a statement today, Rodziah slammed Hishammuddin for refusing to take action against those who assaulted and shot Norizan.

“The home minister cannot run away from his responsibilities (and must) take action against the police because this involves public safety, especially to women,” she said.

Meanwhile, Rodziah (left) said the state government was committed to empowering women who makes up 50 percent of the population.

“The state government ensures that more than 30 percent of the top decision makers who are directly involved in state planning and development are women,” she said.

“The state government is also working hard to increase the number of women policy and decision makers at both public and private sectors.”

2) Ketua Menteri arah beri bantuan termasuk rumah (BH 10/3/2010 at page 6)

There should be a consistent and non-racial basis of awarding compensation to victims.

T. Ramu