Thursday, March 11, 2010

PKR refuses land and additional land to Ampang Tamil School

If this school is given additional land they can build a kindergarten within the school premises with car parking facilities for the school teachers where right now they are parking their cars in the public car park or along the street. The public field also can be upgraded so it only can be used by the school pupils only. By giving the additional land it will help the school to build more classes so that the total number of the students in a class will be lesser than what it is now, not overcrowded and the students can focus on their studies.

Besides, the school is operating in two sessions, morning and evening sessions. By giving this additional land also it will enable the school to switch to a single morning session, and they can allocate time for co-curriculum activities and extra classes in the evening.

Yet it is believed that this school didn’t get its land title. If so why does the relocation matter arise? The Selangor State government should provide land title and approve additional land for this Ampang Tamil School immediately as has been rightly done for all Malay, Chinese, Orang asli, Kadazan and Iban schools in Malaysia. Why it is that it is always the Tamil schools that has to be moved about here and there, overcrowded, with no school fields, no canteens, no fencing, no libraries, no chairs, tables, are still wooden school building, have to collect money from the poor Indians to build annexe and new school buildings?

It is the duty of any government to provide for general education without discrimination or favoritism in any way.

11-3 MO