Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Najib's aide to resign over 'racist' remarks - Malaysiakini

Nasir Safar, the special officer to Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak, who stirred a hornet's nest with his stinging 'racist' remarks will resign, according to a statement from the premier's office this evening.

NONE"The remarks allegedly made by Nasir in Malacca today do not in any way reflect the views of the prime minister," the statement said, according to Bernama.

"... Nasir never intended to make any derogatory remarks. He spoke at length on the contributions made by all races in developing the country.

"Nevertheless, Nasir apologises for any offence caused...and in light of this, will tender his resignation."

Prompt action lauded

Lauding the move, MIC vice-president and Human Resources Minister Dr S Subramaniam said the prompt action by the prime minister indicated his seriousness and commitment in ensuring the success of the letter and spirit of the '1Malaysia' policy.

dr s subramaniam interview 210308 01"This should act as a deterrent to ensure that similar statements are not repeated by any quarters," he added in a statement.

Subramaniam said the government is very receptive to the sensitivities of all communities.

"The spirit of unity in in diversity and that of inclusiveness rather than tolerance as has been exemplified by the prime minister should form the premise of the foundation of this nation as we move forward in the globalised era.

"I am sure it is the wish of all Malaysians to create such a Malaysia and we should come together as we persevere to achieve that goal," he added.

Walkout staged

Earlier, Malaysiakini reported that Nasir drew flak for his comments made during a seminar titled 'Rapat 1Malaysia' in Malacca this morning.

Among others, he had allegedly described the Indians and Chinese in Malaysia as 'pendatang' or 'guests'.

NONEHe had also threatened to revoke the citizenship of those making 'extreme demands' to scrap the subject cap for the SPM examination.

A source, who was among those at the seminar, claimed that Nasir also said that Chinese women come here to 'jual tubuh' (engage in the flesh trade).

His remarks prompted scores of MIC and MCA members as well as non-governmental organisation representatives to stage a walkout.

Following this, MIC leaders, including party president S Samy Vellu, demanded that stern action be taken against Nasir.

Samy Vellu called for the special officer to be punished under the Sedition Act.