Tuesday, February 9, 2010

HRP to contest 7 seats in Perak. Media Statement 8/2/2010


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Date : 8/2/2010

HRP to contest 7 seats in Perak

Media Statement 8/2/2010

HRP would be contesting in seven (7) state seats in Perak in the event of the dissolution of the Perak state assembly tomorrow. The said (7) state seats were announced at two Hindraf/HRP forums at the Tan Kongsi Hall, Jalan Simpang, Taiping on 6/2/10 and the Sitiawan Recreation Club (SRC) by our party Secretary General (pro tem) P. Uthayakumar as follows:-

1) N.30 Buntong (Indians - 46.2%)

2) N.54 Hutan Melintang (Indians - 32.1%)

3) N.22 Jalong (Indians - 26.7%)

4) N.56 Changkat Jong (Indians - 26.0%)

5) N.31 Jelapang (Indians - 20.2%)

6) N.51 Pasir Panjang (Indians - 19.1%)

7) N.57 Sungkai (Indians - 19.0%)

HRP is in touch with the third force parties in Sabah and Sarawak and is likely to contest under their party ticket if not as a group of independents.

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S. Jayathas

Information Chief