Monday, January 11, 2010

Sky’s the limit for Felda (malay muslim) children, but Indian children are excluded

The malay muslim Felda children are given the opportunities to enrol into the Malaysia Airlines Engineering Training Centre in Subang, Selangor for two years to become graduates as junior technicians before undergoing on job training to acquire their aircraft engineering licence after five years.

Azizuddin from Felda Ulu Belitung, Kluang has set his sight on becoming a maintenance engineer for Boeing 747 or bigger planes by 2013. “My ambition is to obtain a licence and to become a respected and successful engineer” (NST 1/1/2010 at page 7 – Felda Special Supplement).

But the Indian children are excluded from these opportunities. UMNO does not want these Indians to dream or have ambitions to become engineers. UMNO rather let them rot by becoming gangsters or being forced into crime and then reward the police by allocating RM 1 Billion in the 2010 Budget to give employment to malay muslim policemen to gun down in cold blooded murder like the recent case of five Indian youths including a 17 year old juvenile in one episode on 8/11/09, as well as again in late 1/1/2010.

P. Uthayakumar.