Monday, January 18, 2010

Agropoliton land for Indian squatters

UMNO evicts 43 Indian squatters from the KTMB land along Ipoh – Padang Besar. UMNO announces peanuts of RM 98,200.00 each. (The Star 15/1/2010 at page N.6). We are not sure if even these peanut was fully given.

But what ever happens when they finish using up if ever this RM 8,200.00, most probably to pay up their debts? Then they will be out in the streets again or squat with their relatives and live in tensed and cramped conditions all their lives, and end up quarrelling and arguing and may be even violence against each other. Thus may be the increasing crime rate among the Indians in Malaysia. Or to another squatter settlement all over again.

Unlike a Malay, orang asli Kadazan or Iban, these Indians have no villages to go back to. Even the poor Chinese squatter will fit in to one of the hundreds of Chinese villages in Malaysia.

But for these poor Indians, it is back to the streets and mysery all their lives until their dying days.

P. Uthayakumar

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