Saturday, December 19, 2009

Height of Malay-sian Indian poverty and atrocity.

Height of Malay-sian Indian poverty and atrocity. RM4.00 to feed 5 mouths 22 years old mother, I.Jeeva Santhrika. Her husband in jail (because of a poverty related crime) no water and electricity supply in her squarters abandoned house. Both she, her husband and all five children have been denied birth certificates (although they are third, fourth and fifth generation Malaysian born.

To the contrary a first generation Indonesian immigrant’s son Khir Toyo has become the Chief Minister of the state Selangor, the richest state in Malaysia.

Jeeva Santhrika earns RM 10.00 per day.Working in a second hand goods shop. She has to pay RM 3.00 for 10 pails of water from a neighbour and RM 3.00 to buy candles per.

Jeeva Santhrika has a balance of RM 4.00 per day to feed five mouths and also to feed herself. (The Star 18/12/09 page 51)