Sunday, May 31, 2009

STATEMENT - HINDRAF-HINDRAF condemns the threat by the Prime Minister

HINDRAF condemns the threat by the Prime Minister.
In what way was, the statements made by HINDRAF leaders are extreme in nature?

How can the call by the HINDRAF leaders against the review on the release of the HINDRAF detainees and accordingly equal & fairer treatment towards all Malaysian born are construed as an extreme in nature when the Prime Minister shouts out for One Malaysia.

Instead of looking into the genuine grievances raised by HINDRAF and addressing them objectively, the government plays to the tune and sentiment of racialism as capitalized by certain elements and warns that something that is pursuit in the sense of fairness and justice as extreme statement.

To date, HINDRAF has been demonized by the government with all kinds of allegation and accusation, yet the government fails to see that HINDRAF has created an awareness within the public with its sole objective is to ensure an equal and fair treatment in a nation that we call Malaysia.

If the Prime Minister and his government is really working towards promoting unity, then it should take the trouble to engage all parties and voices genuinely and deepen the solidarity between their people, while respecting their history, culture and their traditions, rather than abusing its power by threatening and intimidating through its machinery which is in line with authoritarianism, intolerance, and a police state.

The warning issued by the Prime Minister is one callous in nature without regard for the suffering of the minorities, in particular the poor and neglected ones across the board and their sentiments to create a better Malaysia for all.

Thank you
P.Waytha Moorthy
HINDRAF – Chairman