Monday, December 7, 2009

UMNO cruel regime : 30 years later Indian couple gets citizenships.


UMNO cruel regime : 30 years later Indian couple gets citizenships.

The Utusan Malaysia on 4 / 12 / 09 at page 5 reports V . Saravanamuttu and V. Logeswary who had to wait 30 long years to be granted their Malaysian citizenship. This is despite Article 14 of the Federal Constituition stipulating ….every person born on or after Malaysia Day…are citizens by operation of law.

Imagine the pain and sufferings losing out on their prime of their lives , loss of job opportunities and promotion prospects and bussinesses and licences opportunities lost.

But after these 30 years of misery and when they are already 79 years old UMNO Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussein grants them citizenship and expects this coule to be grateful to UMNO.

UMNO yet again plays the politics of ” telur sebiji telur riuh sekampung !!!! ” Hishamuddin the Home Minister makes this ” fanfare ” announcement . But what about the announcement for the remaining estimated 299 , 999 Indian children and their parents who have been denied their birth certificates (BC) and Identity Cards (IC) with Malaysian citizenship. Not a single Indian born in Malaysia should be denied their Birth certificates (BC) and Identity Cards (IC). It is the job of the UMNO controlled Malaysian Government to ensure that not a single Indian is deprieved of their BC and IC.

What do you expect when 1, 016 , 799 civil servants and others have been trained by UMNO to implement UMNO ’s racist and religious extremist agenda for example this 299 , 999 children and adults being denied their rightful IC and BC.

P. Uthayakumar