Thursday, December 31, 2009

R.Seetha: HRP’s news maker for 2009

Top ten news makers.

    1) R. Seetha’s brother was murdered in cold blood by UMNO’s Malay-sian police along with four other Indian youths including a 17 year old Indian juvenile on 8/11/09 at Klang. Out of these five ruthless police killings done with impunity there were three coffins/dead bodies in one family to grieve. How cruel?


    As Seetha could not take the pain of her brother’s said murder and that she was in no position to fight UMNO’s Malay-sian police, she took her own life by drinking paraquat. Her five children who were also given paraquat to drink survived but are likely to suffer from medical complications like kidney failure, cancer etc at a very young age. The last twenty seconds of Seetha’s life was captured by HRP’s video crew. And so was the first two minutes of her death. (see video in video section below). The height of the UMNO Malay-sian police atrocities is when the police tried shifting the blame on Seethe’s husband for her suicide. HRP was disappointed when the family of R. Seetha backed out from protesting by taking her body in a procession to Parliament house which was then in session. We will have another day. We have taken a rain cheque on this. There is no history of a tragedy of this magnitude ever happening in any other part of the world. UMNOs’ Malay-sia made it somehow

    2) The pictures of A. Kugan’s brutalized body speaks a thousand words (see photos below). kugan-grief1But all the police murderers who murdered Kugan got away scot free. As usual a “mandore” Indian policeman was prosecuted for a token offence of causing injuries while extorting a confession. A. Kugan’s murder at the Taipan police station was the worst case ever recorded on camera of a death in custody. Lawyer N. Surendran and HRP’s S. Jayathas took the lead in standing up for, capturing on camera and publicizing this atrocity.

    3) Even in “our” very own Opposition led DAP in Penang, the last Indian traditional village of Kg. Buah Pala was demolished with impunity by Kapitan Lim Guan Eng and ably assisted by thier Indian mandores. These villagers campaigned, carried placards and and even cried openly outside the Kapitan’s official residence but to no avail.13082009070 Hindraf and HRP went at full steam at the campaigns but DAP, PKR and PAS does not care. The saddest ending was when Murugan (46) who led the unprecedented lobby at Unesco to save Kg. Buah Pala passed away from a heart attack last week when he could no longer bear Kapitan Lim Guan Eng is continued demolishing of his cattle farm the week before after earlier in October 2009 having completely destroyed Kg. Buah Pala.

    4) Similarly in PAS led Kedah the last piece of history and the heritage value cemetary of the Indian plantation workers in Ladang Batu Pekaka, Kuala Ketil, Kedah, p10204035the Kedah PAS Menteri Besar unilaterally demolished it with impunity. PAS was backed up by the Malay-sian UMNO police force and silently watched over by PKR and DAP. PAS, PKR or UMNO would never dare to it to a Chinese cemetary. Pray tell us of one Muslim, Christian, Buddhist or Chinese cemetery or place of worship being demolished in Malaysia. Why does this happen only to the Indian Hindus in UMNOs’ Malay-sia.

    5) 16 Hindraf/HRP anti cow head candle light peaceful assemblers were arrested on 21/09/2009. 7823_126037194043_732234043_2345212_7316216_nkanth-576There video of this HRP/Hindraf cemetery. We wonder why? arrest drew an unprecedented half a million over hits in

    Whereas the malay muslim criminal protesters who stepped and spat on a severed and bloody cow head were given an audience with UMNO Home Minister Hishamuddin Hussien. 20971403764456284afe80704c3109aef42f2003

    6) Release of P. Uthayakumar and M. Manoharan from ISA detention on 5/9/09 after 514 days at Kamuniting prison is the ultimate price paid for fighting for the critical Indian issues having befallen on the Malaysian Indian community . isa_utaya

    7) Announcement of the formation of Human Rights Party and book launch “Indian Political Empowerment Strategy The Way Forward” by P. Uthayakumar on 19/6/09. n_25hindraf

    8) 2nd Anniversary of 25th November 2007 100,000 over Hindraf peaceful Rally was held with the hunger strike of 18 Hindraf/HRP supporters and a gathering of 100 over others at KLCC at 11.30 a.m on 25/11/2009. klcc61klcc41Thereafter at 2.00 p.m a letter from Hindraf Chairman P. Waytha Moorthy’s daughter and a bouquet of flowers was brought to Putrajaya. As none of the Prime Minister’s Secretaries wanted to come out to receive us, the letter and the bouquet of flowers were left at the steps to the Prime Minister’s office after which the hunger strikes broke their fast. klcc-pm-office-20

    9) Also noted are the plight of the Indian poor handicapped and senior citizens who have been denied Welfare help, Socso payments, live in dilapidated shacks, 70% of Tamil schools in cow shed like conditions,poor-men2 Tamil schools have to buy their own chairs and tables when (the almost all malay muslim) MRSM in Trolak is built on RM 120 Million government funding, Indian mini market owner from Termerloh of 30 years standing was even denied his licence to continue running his business in November 2009.

    10) 150,000 Indian children being denied their birth certificates, another 150,000 even third, forth and fifth generation Indians have been denied their Malaysian citizenships,indian-girl an Indian cannot even become an Assistant district officer in Malaysia when the USA already has it’s first black “muslim” President in the person of Barack Hussien Obama. Malaysian Indian medical students degrees from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, India, Indonesia etc being derecognized at a time when Malaysia is short of doctors by 50%.

Every day some hindu temple, hindu crematorium, tamil school or Indian settlement is demolished given notice to be demolished, relocated or to be relocated.

Welcome to Malay-sia, the World’s most racist and religious extremist country.


HRP Information Chief