Monday, December 14, 2009

Jayathas arrested…. for wearing anti-ISA badge?!

by Nathaniel Tan

Haiyo. Small thing like this still want to arrest.

A short prayer ceremony to mark the Internal Security Act (ISA) detention of five Hindraf leaders two years ago was marred by the arrest of one of the movement’s key leaders S Jayathas.

His alleged crime – wearing an anti-ISA button badge.

Shortly after leaving a Hindu temple in Bangsar Utama where the prayers were held, a uniformed police officer grabbed Jayathas and said the arrest was because the latter had sported the button badge.

The police had been a little quiet since the days of the wanton Perak vigil arrests, but it seems they are back to their old nonsense now.

Thankfully, Jayathas has been released, but seriously – what on earth was all the fuss about? One little badge threatening national security?

And fifty cops needed for this whole operation? A dozen in riot gear?

Need we any clearer indicators that our police are hopelessly mismanaged? Out hunting badges when they could be stopping crime?