Friday, November 20, 2009

Almost zero Indian traders out of 1, 500 at Pudu Market.

(Chinese) Hawkers and Petty Traders Association and Bumiputera Traders Associations’ Presidents Tan Ker Chiang and Abdullah Mohamad said “they did not want hawkers to sub let their stalls to third parties”. (Refer The Star metro 16/11/2009 at page M 9)

Note: By sub letting these stalls at this Pudu market, scores of other markets and food stalls, even at the lucrative highway rest area food shops, restaurants and tid bit stalls, pasar malam, pasar tani and roadside stalls, the poor and working class Indians have been denied hundreds of thousands all of these petty trading opportunities.

The UMNO controlled Malaysians government intends these working class Indians to take up and/or remain unskilled and to do menial jobs, and unskilled like security guards, lorry drivers, taxi drivers, toilet cleaners, general workers and unskilled workers.

This working class Indians would not be given the training, licences loans and opportunities to do business (as is given to almost all the deserving Malay muslims) with the view for them (the Indians) to gain upward mobility opportunities and to be part and parcel of the national mainstream development of Malaysia.

So never mind if the Malay and Chinese traders sub-let their stalls to foreigners. It is “merely the Indians who would lose out” after all. So UMNO does not care! So why should it matter to UMNO!

Note: Action taken to weed out these foreign petty traders is a rare occasion. There are hundreds of thousands of other such foreign “businessmen” in Malaysia who have actually taken up the jobs petty trading and business opportunities from especially the working class Indians.

P. Uthayakumar