Thursday, October 22, 2009

Single parent Indian mother, 5 children, 4 denied birth certificate homeless now.

Single parent Indian mother, 5 children, 4 denied berth certificate homeless now.

M. Suppama (44) is living in poverty with five children, four of whom have been denied even their birth certificates (by the UMNO controlled Malaysian government. (Malaysia Nanban 10/10/2009 at page 18). Three of her four children have been denied entry into even Primary school because they do not have a birth certificate. Her eldest son Linggeswaran works at a petrol station. Her eldest daughter Manimegalai (14) had to stop school at standard 4 as Suppama could not afford to pay for the bus fare the. Tamarai Lalitha (11) and Kogilavani (9) have also been denied their birth certificates by UMNO. This family has no water or electricity supply in their house. As they have not paid their rentals for a few months they have been told to vacate their house. This family does not know what to do next. They are expecting the existing poor working class Malaysian Indians to help them out financially.

If only the UMNO controlled Malaysian government grant them an opportunity in the Felda, Risda, Fama, Felcra, Agropolitan or the various such state land schemes or the various land schemes for lifestock, fish, chicken breeding etc, this Indian family’s mysery would certainly be alleviated. But just because they are Indians and not Malay muslims UMNO denied them the opportunity to escape from the clutches of poverty and neither does PKR, DAP or PAS care! This is how racist Prime Minister Najib can be under his supposed One Malaysia policy.

Posted by P. Uthayakumar.