Saturday, October 3, 2009

Proof of lies, claims Waytha's lawyer - Malaysiakini

Lawyer N Surendran has provided a letter which purportedly shows that the British Home Office received instructions from the Malaysian government to return Hindraf leader P Waythamoorthy's passport.

NONE"Waythamoorthy's (left) passport was returned to the Malaysian government upon their request," said Surendran, who is representing the Hindraf leader.

Referring to a letter from the UK Border Agency, Surendran said the Malaysian government had revoked the Hindraf leader's passport on April 21, 2008 and therefore he was refused exit and detained for two days at Gatwick airport.

His passport was seized by the British immigration and handed over to the Malaysian authorities.

Home Minister Hishammuddin Hussein had said on Oct 1 that Waythamoorthy's passport was never cancelled nor confiscated, and that it was kept at the Malaysian embassy in Britain.

Apology sought from Hisham

P Uthayakumar, elder brother of Waythamoorthy and Hindraf legal adviser, has demanded both the current and former home ministers to apologise for "lying about the status of his passport".

waytha passport pc uthayakumar and coWaythamoorthy left for London two years ago to flee from being allegedly detained under the ISA.

The Hindraf leader has continued with his activism in London for what he calls 'the marginalised Indian community.'

He has been granted political asylum in Britian and currently travels on a British document which does not allow him to return to Malaysia.

waytha passport pc wife shantiWaythamoorthy's wife, Shanti (left), who was also present at the press conference, said the separation with her husband had deprived her young daughter of her father.

An emotional Shanti said that her "husband has committed no crime and I am very proud of him for standing up for the Indian community."

"We call on the government to give an explanation to the lies perpetrated by His