Monday, September 7, 2009

Vicious double standards in police reactions: Decapitated cows vs. candles & roses

by Nathaniel Tan

Candlelight vigil of love:

Cow protest of hate:

People bring roses and candles, the police attack them.

People step on the decapitated head of an animal sacred to millions of Malaysians, the police stand and watch.

Is this fundamentally a problem of race?

No. This is fundamentally a problem of politics.

Someone is trying to create trouble, and the police and other authorities are in on it.

Looks like they tried the Chinese first: the crackdown on DAP vigils for Perak, and the DAP Selangor “corruption” investigations.

Not having gained much traction, it appears they may be trying the Indians next.

Hindraf acted quite wisely in designing their vigil, and not falling for the trap. But there are others that seem intent on escalating this.

(Also see how Khir Toyo manages to say that the cow’s head wasn’t meant to offend Hindus, and yet call cows stupid in virtually the same sentence).

Our country is being ripped apart by thieves and brigands, who will play the most hateful cards just to turn a small profit.

In the cow head video, I saw a little boy, in an orange T-shirt - the same colour of the Hindraf group - being brought up in hate.

It filled me with such sadness.

But also resolve.

I’m not about to let this country be stolen by hate - you and me, we gotta find a way to take it back.