Saturday, September 26, 2009

P.Uthayakumar “ethnic cleansing” criminal prosecution on 28/09/09 @ 9.00a.m.

Media Event

Re: P. Uthayakumar’s “ethnic cleansing” criminal prosecution scheduled to begin from 28-30th September 2009 as follows:-

Date : 28th September 2009 onwards.

Time : 9.00a.m.

Venue : KL Criminal Sessions Court (Puan Sabariah’s Court)

Thank you.

Your faithfully,


S. Jayathas

Media liasions officer

Tel No: 6012-636 2287

Note :

1) An application has been filed to transfer this case to the KL High Court (criminal) on public policy grounds.

2) The criminals who committed grevious bodily injury and the murders of five Indians in the Kg. Medan “ethnic cleansing” racial attacks specifically targeted on the Indians in March 2001 are yet to be prosecuted and convicted, no Inquest into the five cold blooded murders in board daylight by the Chief Justice and Attorney General, no Royal Commission of Inquiry by the UMNO controlled Malaysian government, No Malaysian Human Rights Commission (Suhakam), Inquiry our application to compel Suhakam to hold an Inquiry was dismissed by the KL High Court and no white paper presented to Parliament. This is despite this “ethnic cleansing” case being the worst case of Human Rights violations in the history of Malaysia. But P. Uthayakumar has been swiftly prosecuted, his passport initially impounded by the said Sessions Court and the Attorney General personally appearing and objecting to bail and finally an excessive bail of RM50,000.00 was initially imposed said Sessions Court. Human Rights for the Human Rights Defender!