Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Najib & the Makkal Sakhti Party - a loss cutting, money-greased ploy to split votes?

by Nathaniel Tan

There are no less than 5 articles on MIC and the Makkal Sakhti Party this morning on Malaysiakini - a large part of the interest garnered by how Najib himself is set to launch the party.

I suppose Ben Suffian is closest to the money:

“Perhaps this strategy is meant to stem the flow of Indian votes to the opposition. If it means diluting the vote (in a three-corner fight), then so be it.”

We might even look at this positively. Perhaps no less than the PM himself has seen the futility of winning back the Indian vote, and has opted to try and split it instead.

I think it’ll get real interesting if we see him starting to prop up alternative Chinese parties with the same goal :P

Well, I’ll always support the right of any group to organise politically and pursue their agenda.

It’s obviously a bit sad to see ex-Hindraf elements suddenly cosy up to BN, but I think in my ‘older’ age, these things become less unexpected.

It may be my ‘older’ age as well that has a better appreciation of how easily people fall to temptation.

This picture of spic and span, suit-clad Thanethiran looks so different from his orange street fighting days.

I know not the insides of any man’s heart, and will be the first to admit that the following is all pure speculation, but I somehow find it easy to imagine conversations in some cozy office, with Najib saying all the right things about the Indian interest (to put the perhaps slightly guilty feeling man more at ease), making vague allusions to sums that would be confirmed by underlings later.

After Perak and all, one gets the feeling that Najib is a master of this game. Many suspect sums of money that the individuals involved would never, ever have comprehended before in their lives. I guess it’s not an easy thing to refuse (often, along with the carrot, there is also the stick - think MACC investigations).

So, we have another community crusader who has likely fallen. It’s sad, but we leave them behind and press on I guess.

I think there can be no compromise - all race based political movements must eventually go if the country is ever to really be united. Anyone who genuinely hopes Najib, Umno and gang will give two hoots about the genuine interests of others (while being part of an entire generation steeped in supremacist thinking) beyond fishing for votes, is in for a sad awakening.

I know it’s often more difficult in the Indian community, being the smallest minority on the Peninsular - but purely defensive, siege-mentality communal instincts will never surpass a certain limit of achievement.

Needless to say, Pakatan could do a *whole* lot more to address issues concerning such minorities, and put their house in better order to build a more overreaching confidence in the coalition and its prospects.