Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Islam & Malay Muslims are not the problem: UMNO, MCA, MIC, GERAKAN and their stooges are

Wong Mun Chee

Only UMNO and its lackies have the means, motive and opportunity in making it appear like Islam and the Malay Muslims are the problem for ‘others’.

Sure, I was out spoken about Kg. Buah Pala issue, with such complimentary remarks, that I am even branded as a Gerakan, UMNO stooge. With all the negative elements, my stand still in affirmation that the LGE-led DAP government of Penang sold their soul for monetary gains and that they have achieved in subjugating those poor folks in Kg. Buah Pala with their media power and falsified events to achieve their own needs. So what is the difference between BN and Pakatan Rakyat when the public is in despair? To me, BN and Pakatan are no difference if what is truthful, fair and just is not served. The change of guard that we observed is superficial if we are superficial ourselves and primarily the critics for their own needs.

On the Section 23 Shah Alam issue, fortunately, the anticipated respond on the cow head incident tilted and has in effect strengthen the belief amongst the Malaysians in our Muslim brothers and sisters that the other races can find solace. It is enlightening that our sensible and level-headed Muslim brothers are able to speak out to maintain a balance in this multicultural society in allowing the freedom to practice each one’s way of live.

Do you think, the UMNO-led BN, having been in power for 52 with Mahathir’s iron fist for 22 years, can be erased within a blink of eye? Not a chance, because with well-planned provocation, the anticipated response can even become a weapon in the arsenal of the agent provocateur.

Those affiliated and pre-staged events to inflame religion intolerance or for the matter what one comments is only possible if it serves one’s own needs. As much as they are the agent provocateur, we the general public are no better when we observe and practice everything in a race and religious outline as opposed to a truthful cause in fairness and equality although sometimes in our mind it is skewed as a racist agenda.

In the Kg. Buah Pala issue, the agent provocateur was the DAP and they stooped so low akin to another UMNO in disguise to defend themselves in malicious ways. Why do you need to defend and justify truth if that was you seek? Truth has no substitute. Truth is truth and that is the reality whether you like it or not you have to deal with it.

I had once the opportunity to spend about seven hours in conversation with the late MGG PILLAI before his demise and his greatest hope for the country was our Muslim brothers & sisters.

We all know that those in power, whether it is Muslim or others, will always cohort to create an atmosphere to maintain their own status quo, but we as the public should slowly drift away intelligently from a race- or religion-based biasness in strengthening our unity. Even in the opposition we have division of a somewhat race-based affiance. It is not a perfect system, but the change can only appear if we are in unity on a humanitarian cause irrespective of origin.

By way of deception and manipulation, the elected members have taken the public for a ride over the last 52 years by supportive policies that lend the appearance of legitimacy and credibility to an operation justified for a pre-determined agenda that only serves their own needs.

Today, the public, meaning you and me, take a bit more trouble to find out what is actually happening to our society for the effort that we put in individually to make sure that we can participate and create the change in our own ways.

To create the change in unity, we first need to be independent and unshackled in our own thoughts for what is truthful, just and fair. Knowledge alone will not suffice but the wisdom to see it once you are truly awaken. Once we overcome this, then it does not matter who says what, as long it what is truthful, just and fair for the community that we intend to create and to live together.

UMNO, MCA, MIC, GERAKAN and their stooges will continue with their antics, but it is us, the public, you and me, that will make the difference when we are in unity for what is fair, just and equal. Once you come in terms with yourself in unity with the public for a society’s concern, then you have the wisdom rather than the half-truth knowledge that appeases you for your own individual collaboration.

If you feel like a truly Malaysian, then you understand the message, not how it is benefiting me, as that has been the modus operandi imbibed in us courtesy of UMNO led scumbags and now we have seen in Kg Buah Pala issue.

Your choice is our society’s need if you can be truthful to yourself.