Thursday, August 20, 2009

Self interested Mr.Ganabatirau

By Smart Bloggers,

Yesterday on 19th August 2009 Mr.V Ganabatirau has given a special interview how Hindraf outlawed movement's Mr.Waythamoorthy collected millions of ringgits from people for his personal use while in exiled in London.

Mr Ganabatirau also accused the money didn't reach Hindraf 5 families but he forgot that his own brother had the money in his hand and he was paying for other expenses such as court payments and necessaries.

The initial reason the money collected for Hindraf 5 as he claimed did reach the families which suffered. He also mentioned millions of Ringgit was collected. As a reader of the article thinking that Mr Ganabatirau lost his sense. How could he knew about millions of ringgit while he was in ISA? It shows that someone from his side gave wrong info. As a smart lawyer he should address more details to public than just a word.

He said "My family did not receive a single sen". Sir, why are you so eager to have public money for your family? Can't your family members work like other grassroot Indians who is suffering daily for their meal. As my idea he is desperate because could not have public money for his family. Sir, we respect you for being in ISA and fought for Indians rights but now you being so frustrated about someone's money. You spoke about civil suit, May be you have joined the rest of the Hindraf leaders to get million from English government.

You have mentioned that Mr.Waytha deliberately allowed the suit to expire so that he can enjoy the money. I think most of your contacts or family member didn't update the news properly. As far as we Malaysian read, Mr Waytha went to many International organization such as UN and other countries to deliver you from the ISA atonement. We Malaysian have read how Mr.Waytha lobbied our government as a prime interest to release 5 of you.

Personally speaking I see you as ungrateful or thankful. A friend should be someone whom you can rely on in happiness and distress but Mr. Ganabatirau showed his true colour. The basic matter why Hindraf became successful or famous due to their fight for poor and marginalized Indians. Most of the Indians became happy due to supported our unity . We didn't support Hindraf for financial purpose. I think you and the other friends of you supported for money.
After your release from ISA till today, I have never seen you helping our Indian plight or speak out for our Indian struggle. Did you ever gave any media statement to say how Indians should be unite or how we can go further in our struggle? I think so far no.

Even after your release you have seen many media statements from Mr.Waytha regarding our community and our struggle. For example in Kg. Buah Pala the villagers are struggling between many parties such as developer and local government. You as so called an Indian leader should meet them and try to help them out but you smash them by supporting your party which you are being a member now. So how can we trust you for our struggle?

I don't see your question is relevant when you ask why Mr.Waytha must go for a pilgrimage to India on Nov 27, 2007? Can you tell me why someone should go for pilgrimage? It is everyones rights to do so. You are an educated lawyer should know that interference in others personal life is a offence or unkind.

Mr.Ganabatirau did you ever contacted other Hindraf leaders to understand better how the situation was when you were in ISA? Did you ever try to follow up our struggle again? Cowardly you just signed the police contract and you remain yourself without finding out the truth. Other than being helpful for us but you are just accusing one and another. Is this what you call unity? It is enough, Mr Samy did the same to Malaysian Indians almost 30 years. We didn't had any other alternative to speak for ourselves. Now after long time we have been united but people like you are breaking the unity and poisoning the people. For god sake could you please contact all the Hindraf leader and get a clear picture rather than accusing in the media. It is just showing our weakness to other races and our enemies.

As far as I read in newspapers Mr.Uthaya and Mr.Waytha started to help Indians many way last 10 years ago but you mentioned in Malaysiakini report that you met Uthayakumar on December 2006. For my view you have just born as a 3 years old baby and now you are trying to fly in the sky. According to me you are the joker of the year.
Don't politicise every issues. You said you and Vasanthakumar organized the rally and both of you played the key role in the rally.

If that is the case why you didn't agree this to the police or court by saying you are the man behind the rally? I didn't read anything like that. What I notice was, The police force and AG targeted Mr. Uthaya. Police knows very well who was the man behind it but now you are making Malaysians stupid.

You said Mr Waytha was a chicken in movement because he was always afraid of special branch police officers. A chicken doesn't go to court and will not refuse to pay its bail. Mr.Waytha stayed in jail as a sign of protest toward Malaysian government. I feel he also protested for our rights in the prison.

"Hijacked movement' "Waythamoorthy also appointed himself as the chairperson of Hindraf and appointed Thanenthirran and S Jayathas as coordinators. Who made him the boss? There was no election. Who gave him the right to appoint and dismiss coordinators?"

Mr.Ganabatirau claimed that other leaders of Hindraf was self appointed and there was no election. I am very confuse with your statements, earlier you said Hindraf was registered as a business company and now you are talking about election. Even a secondary school student can answer this question. When you are not a registered body how can you elect someone offcially? further more it is a company not a society. I think you are real power craze and money craze.Finally I think Malaysian Indians should understand right now that he(Ganabatirau) is just simply example of a self interest person and not working for the community but trying to gain some media attention.A coward that is trying to be the self-claimed leader!