Monday, August 31, 2009


By: Waythamoorthy 27th August 2009

I refer to the statement by Sungkai ADUN Sivanesan in Malaysia
Nanban on 27th August 2009 who have repeated defamatory statements
the latest being that I have taken RM35, 000 given by K. Vasanthakumar.

Sivanesan is no doubt confused and clouded on the facts and have made
allegations with bad intentions. Being a lawyer, he should understand
hearsay is as good as rumours without an ability to prove the factual
truth before an accusation being made. He is not a Hindraf member nor
has he any right to speak on behalf of Hindraf. He seem to
have been giving contradictory statements which is based on his
attempt to create a media spin to serve his political master is none
of his business – initially he said that I had collected a sum of
RM700, 000.00 for purposes of filing the civil suit against the UK
Government without any factual evidence. This I have denied
and am in the process of filing a defamation suit against him and 2
other DAP leaders.

Now he seems to be referring to a statement by K.Vasanthakumar that the
latter had given me RM35, 000.00 as base for his malicious and
defamatory statement on hearsay.

At the height of the mass arrest of Hindraf Supporters pre and post
November 25th 2007, K.Vasantha Kumar had formed a company in the name
of Hindraf Enterprise as Hindraf was not a formally registered NGO and
had used the account of Hindraf Enterprise to collect funds for
purposes of bailing out Hindraf supporters who were arrested and for Hindraf activities.
He was the signatory of the said account. Those
sums collected on behalf of Hindraf were withdrawn by him and held by
various individuals closely linked to Hindraf at that moment which
includes himself, Raidu (Ganapathy Rao’s brother) my ardent
Hindraf friends and family . On the 5th December 2007 (whilst I was out of the country) the IGP and AG had accused Hindraf and me of having links with terrorists
namely the LTTE. There was more reason to belief that the account of
Hindraf enterprise would be frozen and a decision on the
particular situation was made to entrust various individuals to hold
the sum of monies, which included me and others named above. I was
out of the country at the time of the decision and the said amount was
banked into my account by Vasanthakumar on his own prerogative.

These funds have been used partly to bail Hindraf supporters and
activities carried out by HINDRAF in seeking the release of the Hindraf ISA detainees, pay the detainees fines and Court attendance, accommodation and allowances for those attending
court from outstation ect. In fact Raidu stood bail for Uthayakumar
on 12th December 2007 for RM50, 000 from these sums collected in the
account of Hindraf Enterprise. All monies are accounted for and the
fund banked into my account during my absence is still with me.

I stress that at no instance have the funds collected been used other
than for the purpose in ensuring the release of Hindraf Supporters (who
were initially charged with attempted murder), the 5 detained under
ISA and the cause of the marginalized and suppressed Malaysian
Indians. In this process I do not expect any form of gratitude from
anybody nor any gratification as I do what I am doing out of my
personal conviction and belief that Malaysian Indians have been
cheated and short changed by Malaysian politicians. At the time of
filing the civil action against the UK Government in August 2007
Ganapathi Rao and Vasanthakumar was not part of Hindraf and none of
us in Hindraf knew the both of them. They only approached Uthayakumar
in late September 2007.

Sivanesan should know his facts before making wild and unfounded
allegations, which I view very seriously and his irresponsible act
for a cause that he serves his political masters as opposed to the
public interest. He and his fellow DAP leaders are deliberately making
unfounded allegations to divert from the Kg.Buah Pala issue where
Hindraf have taken a very firm stand that the village which is almost
200 years have to be preserved. Linking me with a financial scandal is
a cheap form of political antic and sandiwara by Sivanesan.

What ever it is, the truth has to prevail, and it is up to the
community to understand and comprehend the truth and what I do is
always for the truth for the systematically marginalized Malaysian
Indians as I have personally sacrificed my life for the goodwill of the
community without any expectation.

Sivanesan and those who have been around longer than HINDRAF
should be mature enough to understand the objective of HINDRAF and
its genuine leaders rather than posturing to serve their political

P.Waytha Moorthy