Monday, August 24, 2009

Nusmetro Agreement to the Villagers!

Please pass this message around and show the people and bloggers from the Bathroom and Bedroom to understand that the villagers are not demanding more than what they deserve! This is the exact agreement that were given to them! No other agreements!

Will you sign this document if you are one of the villager in Kg.Buah Pala?

1.No time line given when they ll build the house

2.No compensation for their rental till the house is built

3.In any case the project is stopped, changed, modified or halted, this agreement consider invalid

4. No description on the house, materials used, type and model, even if they build the house in the plywood the villagers cant take them to court after signing this agreement.

5. The agreement must come from State Government or koperasi as the Land owner, not Nusmetro as the developer, who has no rights towards the villagers!

6.No guarantee from the State Government on the compensation.

7. The Location of the house decided by the developer, it can be anywhere!

8.All pending cases must be withdrawn, why?