Friday, August 14, 2009

Kg.Buah Pala 1Million USD each!

Basically there were no sensible offer made by Nusmetro or anyone! No cash money or in any term or value has been promised to the Villagers! as claimed by some party in the value of 500K or 200K... No such thing! First of all why must Nusmetro prepare an agreement for the villagers? Nusmetro is not the land owner and they are not the developer for the villagers since no one from this village has bought any properties from them!

Lets look at the Invalid agreement letter prepared for the villagers by Nusmetro Ventures (P) Sdn Bhd. A signed letter without a valid company stamp and Name signed under the name of Pengarah. Have anyone of you seen an agreement without a valid name and details on the signee and without legal stamp on any agreement letter?

Details on the agreement stated; Tuan Tanah (Land Owner) stated as Koperasi Pegawai Kerajaan Negeri Pulau Pinang Berhad joint venture with Nusmetro to develop Kg.Buah Pala and the land beneficial rights given by Penang State Government. Where was the so called Land Owner during the Demolition Riot on the 13.08.09?

Why were they not present at the scene? Only police and the developer's boss and the demolition team were present at the scene, do they has anything to do with the villagers?

In the agreement it is also stated that the agreement is based on Humanitarian and Ex-Gratia grounds. Only if : The Villagers clears the Land to give way to the development; and if they widraw all the Legal Actions taken against them; and there can't be any legal action taken against them or the project in the future! This is the trick and Trap!

No legal action can be taken against Nusmetro or anyone or anything relating the project and land! 2storey house to be build for each of the houses demolished in the village. The houses to be built on a ground decided by the developer (Nusmetro). Ok, lets discuss about this matter now, 2storey house? wooden house? box house? what material to be used to build the house? no detail has been stated in the agreement! How if the house is built with a plywood?and when will be the project completed? in 2years? 10years? 100years? which is not stated too, what will this villagers do for such a long time, renting in a place until the project is completed? Who will pay their rental? can they sue the developer in the court? No way!! because they have signed this agreement, and no legal action can be taken on any matter relating to this matter! can u see the trick here? What will be the quality and value of the house? It is not stated in the agreement too! Where will the house built? in Johor? Indonesia? or South Africa? because it is also not stated in the agrement about the location! Once the villagers sign this agreement they are bound to the rules that their house can be demolished at anytime, it could be right the next day after signing!

One more shocking fact in the agreement is, if in any case; the project is halted, stopped or any approval relating to this project is disapproved or unapproved; or if the state government or the Local Council or any related authorities, did not approve any matter relating to this project, the agreement is considered CANCELLED and INVALID! That means if this village has been demolished and the new project is stopped halfway or if there is any problem related to any problem from any authority or any formalities, then the dream of getting the 2storey house will be building castle in the air! Now Judge for yourself! Will you sign an agreement that sounds exactly like what I explained? Are these people in Kg.Buah Pala making any ridiculous demands? Who is paying them 200K? 500K? ask them to come forward and meet me or any of the villagers, we will be happy!


Live from Kg.Buah Pala!