Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kg Buah Pala: The compensation offered - Anil Netto

From a source, I hear that the following compensation was offered to the villagers at tonight’s meeting:

Two-storey cluster houses: upstairs – 600 square feet; downstairs – 600 sq feet; outside porch, etc – 200 sq feet.

The developer would allocate 0.7 acres of the 6.5 acres for the villagers’ houses.

No compensation for temporary rental reimbursement while the project is ongoing.

A few may have agreed; others, who may have a few families living under one roof, are uncertain.

Instead of this 0.7 acres, the residents had asked the state for two acres of adjacent land, but were told that that was state reserve land.

Meanwhile, they have a date with the Federal Court on 18 August on one side, while on the other, the developer has given them until Friday to leave.