Wednesday, August 19, 2009

High Chaparral Villagers..

Mr.Salligan born in 1951 in Kg.Buah Pala when this area is surrounded with estates and the nearest Town (Georgetown) is about 4 miles away. His mother Mdm.Govindamal born in Penang too..

When i was a young boy, this village is exactly with the same structure as it is now, the location of the houses and the cowshed is in the same location as it is now too. Except for the road, which was only a gravel road not tarred, Electricity facilities was not available until late 60s. and the only water source for daily activities was from the well around this area, almost every house here has a well. According to Mr.Salligan there was a natural Underwater source that has made them survive and High Chaparral was the main water source for the entire area here. Latest was in the year 1990, there was a shortage of water in the surrounding areas and High Chaparral water source was the survival factor at that time.