Friday, August 21, 2009

Heart Attack for Buah Pala Villager!

Mr.Murugan soon after discharged.

This is Mr.Murugan Karuppiah, he is the person that went all the way to the World Heritage Trust in Unesco to fight for the fellow Villagers and had his heart attack last Tuesday! He fight to save his village and villagers until he is affected badly, Look at this man, do you think that he will demand for a unreasonable compensation? He is worried that the villagers will be chased out without any damages paid and will live the village without knowing where to go and how to handle their children and their studies! Up to now, upto now, approximately about 10 people has been admitted in the hospital due to several reasons, mostly on stress reasons.The promises made by all the parties, including State Government is just a Castle made in the Air! No valid promises and agreement has been given to the villagers, the double storey house is just a say and not a reality! The agreement that has been given to them is an invalid document and it is a trap to ask the villagers to withdraw all the pending cases in the court and to prevent the villagers to file anymore cases in the court! Pure Injustice!