Wednesday, July 15, 2009


By Tan Mei Ling - reported in Malaysia today

I am a Malaysian from a middle class family. I have been following this issue on Kg Buah Pala and see the injustice that has happened to them.

I didn’t even know about the existence of Kg Buah Pala and the trouble they were in until HINDRAF highlighted the whole issue and I am sure many Malaysians too. Thereafter, I have been following various sites and blogs to uncover what actually happened to this fellow Malaysians of ours.

There are many write ups by people from different parts of the society and when I see the comments written by Malaysians, I am actually shocked. Here, until about two weeks ago many did not even have an opinion until the whole thing was brought to light by HINDRAF and today everyone is a loyar buruk.

Some of the comments are so pathetic that it runs down on racial lines and condemns HINDRAF and even those residents of Kg Buah Pala of being selfish, arrogant and hostile against the state government.

For them it is either viewing HINDRAF as racist or jumping boat or the Kg Buah Pala people are so insignificant but never the fault of the beloved DAP government although the truth is the state government screwed up in this matter.

I fail to see why our views are so narrow and side tracked, when you all know that DAP had screwed themselves so badly in this Kg Bala issue. Everything about Kg Buah Pala is revolved with an obsession that the state government never faulted in handling this matter but it is HINDRAF and Kg Buah Pala residents who are at fault for their own benefits and of course the previous government.

I wonder how liberated is our mind in Malaysia when obsession with half truth overrides the truth and the inaction on the part of the government for the spin created by the Penang state government to sweep it under the carpet. Isn’t this the same thing that BN has been doing for the last 52 years and it appears the role has reversed itself in Penang with DAP?

Nobody seems to take the trouble to understand the truth but continue to make assumption that this must be because Lim Guan Eng says so. Lim Guan Eng must be the Mahathir of Penang, because for 22 years, nobody did anything about him nor questioned him and even if you were to do that you will be totally squashed or his spin masters will do the job for him.

The latest spin by Suara Keadilan is a classic tale of the forgotten truth but a spin that is so biased and self reflective of the similar mold that resembles our very own BN. Sadly our Malaysians will continue to fall prey to this tactics when the truth is highlighted by HINDRAF on the plight of the Kg Buah Pala residents, they would rather blindly run into a conclusion without a thought for the truth but how rightful the mighty state government have been in playing the spinmaster’s role. I guess we deserve the government that we chose.

Sure, go ahead, I must be from the other side trying to stir the pot, being paid off, offered a position, maybe a Datukship, all for money even if I were to tell you that I am just a normal, average person who sees the truth. Malaysians “Mah”. So sure, so real, so correct always, never wrong, always just and fair just like Lim Guan Eng with the Kg Buah Pala residents.